about city or countryside Essay

Nowadays, in most countries, people have been moving from small towns to big cities, mainly because of the increased gap between the city and the countryside. However, as time goes by, some people begin to prefer living in small towns, which can be known through stories of escaping from cities to countryside.

First of all, there is no doubt that living in cities have many advantages over living in countryside. The well-developed public transportation, recreational facilities provide people high quality of life.

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Besides, the best school systems are usually concentrated in largest cities, which attract many families since parents pay great attention to the education and the success of their children. Some experts forecast that more than half of the world`s population will be city dwellers by the mid-century. As a result, there will be more problems such as traffic jams, crowded population, housing problems. In addition, people living in cities usually suffer from more pressure and diseases.

Under the stresses and pollution of urban life, some people flood to rural area to live a more simple, relaxed life in pure nature.

People can enjoy peace, fresh air and healthy food in the countryside. However, people might get shock during their first contact with rural life because their urban background hadn`t prepared them with what countryside life is about. Moreover, the rural area is short of cultural activities where some people may not get used to.

In conclusion, urban life and rural life are both not perfectly satisfied, because convenience and inconvenience always exist together. Some people wish that they can enjoy both comfortable environment and convenient facilities. The key solution should be developing rural economy, enhancing rural life quality, and beautifying the urban environment simultaneously.

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