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Essay about Invasion of privacy

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  • Pages 7
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    “Invasion Of Privacy” Living In an era of Increasing technology has made It much easier for a government to spy on Its citizens. This paper seeks to examine why the united States government should not spy on its citizens with the use of the Patriot Act. Firstly, the united States citizens will believe that their liberties and freedoms are in Jeopardy. Secondly, the government spends exorbitant amounts of money on a yearly basis to spy on its own people. Moreover, where is that money coming from?

    Lastly, the government risks social retaliation from its people In the forms of protests, lobbying, campaigns, and perhaps even violence When U. S. Citizens feel their liberties and freedoms are being tested or at-risk of being lost, they will do what they can retain them. “Since the September 1 1 attacks, the government has been engaging in extensive surveillance and data mining. Regarding surveillance, in December 2005, the New York Times revealed that after September 1 1, the Bush Administration secretly authorized the National Security Administration (NSA) to engage in warranties wiretapping of American citizens’ telephone calls.

    As for data mining, which Involves analyzing personal data for patterns of suspicious behavior, the government has begun numerous programs”. (Solve, Daniel The Patriot Act increases the government’s surveillance powers in four areas. This act expanded access to personal records held by third parties, more secret searches, the expansion of the intelligence exception in wiretap law, and expansion of the “pen register” exception in wiretap law (American Civil Liberties union. A pen register is a device that decodes or records electronic impulses, allowing outgoing numbers from a telephone to be Identified. The use of pen registers Is governed by a 1986 federal statute. Pen Registers and Trap and Trace Devices (18 U. S. C. A. 3121-3127). The statute also governs the use of trap devices, which are used to identify the originating number from which the wire or electronic communications were transmitted. Neither device enables the listening or recording of the actual communication. “Legal Dictionary. ” Legal Dictionary. ) These are a few examples of several programs developed by the government to Invade our privacy. To begin with, privacy laws exist for a reason, even If we don’t always appreciate them. They are there to protect us from Intrusion. After 9/1 1, congress passed the Patriot Act to protect its citizens. The Patriot Act enacts a lot of new policies, but it takes away several constitutional rights as well.

    The Fourth Amendment guarantees “the right of the people to be secure in their persons, houses, papers, and effects, against unreasonable searches and seizures, shall not be violated, and no warrants shall issue, but upon probable cause, supported by oath or affirmation, and particularly describing the place to be searched, and the persons or things to be Of Rights) However, the Patriot act gives the government the right to conduct searches of private property without citizen consent; one would not be aware that this had occurred to their property.

    Using the Patriot Act as a cover, the government has been able to detain people for months, when they did nothing wrong. Also, the act takes away the right to a speedy trial, rights of the accused, and there Is no due process of no-fly list is compiled and maintained by the Federal Terrorist Screening Center and contains the names of people not permitted to board an aircraft for travel within or to the U. S. Or over U. S. Airspace. ” (Ron Paul, “Government Spying”) No-fly list violates the Fifth Amendment’s that states “No person shall be deprived of property,

    Introit due process of law; nor shall private property be taken for public use, Introit Just compensation” because of due process guarantee (Bill Of Rights). “UCLA rightly wonders what is to stop them from creating a no-drive list, or any other onerous list. The government is simply able to perform or prohibit these actions;” (Ron Paul “Government Spying” ) which is true if their doing this there’s no guarantee that it will stop them from going to the extreme. America has a significant Immigrant history. Most of its citizens came to this country to live a better life and the ‘American Dream,” where everyone has “freedom.

    That cannot be possible if our privacy and the Bill of Rights are in constant Jeopardy of being revoked. Equally important, citizens are not content with using taxpayer money for the government to spy on them. The government spends exorbitant amounts of taxpayer money to conduct surveillances, searches, and other acts on a yearly basis. Moreover, where is that money coming from? “The United States spent $80 billion on spy activities in 2010, the first time the government has officially announced the total tab for intelligence spending” (Benson, Pam. “US Spy Spending Revealed for First Time, Tops $80 Billion. “).

    If the NSA is doing its nightly research and are checking someone’s activity at night, then what they are doing does not affect the everyday American. However, what does affect the average American is the fact that their tax money is being spent without their consent or awareness. The U. S. Intelligence community is made up of 16 different organizations, ranging from the CIA, to the Defense Intelligence Agency, to the highly secretive National Security Agency, and the National Reconnaissance Office. Altogether the agencies have about 100,000 workers. (Benson, Pam. “US Spy Spending Revealed for First Time, Tops $80 Billion. Majority of the money used to pay the employees of these departments and agencies also comes from the taxpayers. The question is how reliable is this act. “We’ve already seen multiple Senators point out that the NSA and its supporters have yet to provide a single shred of evidence that the bulk collection of metadata (the Patriot Act Section 21 5 program) was necessary in stopping any terrorist activity. ” So the “benefit” on the other side of the equation appears to be absolutely nothing”(Masonic, Mike). How could it possibly make sense to have a program which costs billions to our economy but has no benefit?

    Lastly, the government risks social retaliation from its people in the forms of protests, lobbying, campaigns, and perhaps even violence. There are many incidents in U. S. History where the citizens of this nation have fought for their liberties, first example of that would be the Boston Tea Party. “The Boston Tea Party of December 16, 1773, took place when a group of Massachusetts Patriots, protesting the monopoly on American tea importation recently granted by Parliament to the East India Company, seized 342 chests of tea in a midnight raid on three tea ships and threw them into the harbor”(Fonder, Eric. Boston Tea Party. ” History Channel. ” The second example would be the Civil Rights Movement. “Starting in the sass’s, African Americans came together in a series of nonviolent protests known as the Civil Rights treated as equal citizens in the United States, yet segregation still existed”(The Civil Rights Movement. ” CNN Interactive). Lastly the Million Man March movement to promote African American unity and family values. These all show and explain that En repressing certain liberties and rights, American citizens have stood up against the government demanding change. Frankly what would be most beneficial for the tizzies would be if the government stopped the Patriot Act.

    Firstly, it would save taxpayers a lot of money because they are providing the financial support to pay the federal employees their salaries. Above all this is the act, which provides sweeping power to government agencies to monitor the personal habits of not only those who have been identified as suspected terrorists, but also anyone residing in the United States as well as its citizens residing abroad. This act is taking away the rights of an American citizens, if this act was abolished we would have the opportunity to gain hat “freedom” back. All of this benefit the government and its citizen.

    With no sense of anger towards the government, there would be no retaliation but instead a sense of trust and peace. I think that a lot of people could argue that if “if one has nothing to hide” then one should not worry. The “if one has nothing to hide” argument is simple, because that person can reply with “l don’t need to Justify my position. You need to Justify yours, come back with a warrant. ” It is not about having anything to hide, it’s about things not being anyone else’s business. Why should anyone have to say more? The government does not need to know more about what we are doing.

    As citizens, they need to know more about what information the government is collecting about them. More information should be released about the secret legal interpretations that the government is relying on to monitor civilian communications. Reese answers are necessary, because if there is nothing to hide then civilians will not want to live in a society where nothing is private. If the costs are astoundingly high while the benefits are slim to none, then such programs should not have been seriously considered in the first place, let alone implemented and defended usuriously (and misleadingly) by those in power.

    For reasons stated within this paper, the government should not have the right to invade our privacy with the use of the Patriot Act. First of all the citizens will feel their rights being Jeopardized. Secondly the citizens are not content with the government using tax money to provide a means for such practices. Lastly the government risks retaliation from its people, in any form. Living in an era of increasing technology has made it much easier for a government to spy on its citizens. The government should get rid of this unconstitutional act.

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