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Essay About One Flew Over the Cuckoo

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One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest is seen through the eyes of the mute, supposedly deaf Chief Bromden. He witnesses the ongoing cruel activity that happens in the mental ward. As the newcomer, R.P. McMurphy was admitted, he plans to break the head nurse, Miss. Ratched, which leads the inmates to rebel and oppose the Big Nurse, who governs the asylum. In the novel, Ken Kesey identifies the development of the character and the dialogue.

One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest displays how many of the characters are evolving because of McMurphy’s presence.

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Essay About One Flew Over the Cuckoo
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On page 3, Bromden refers to the nurse’s aides as the black boys. He mentions how nervous and daunted he is by them, “Better if they don’t see me… they got special sensitive equipment detects my fears,” Bromden exclaims. As he is hiding from the aides, he reminisces old memories to eliminate his fear. As soon as they found Bromden, they shaved his face and turned on the “fog machine.

” Kesey demonstrates to his readers that he is weak and uses techniques to relieve his anxieties. When terrible incidents begin to occur, the fog appears and he does not remember a bit of what happens. The fog and Bromden’s flashbacks symbolize the escape of his reality to help him cope with the situation he is in. We, readers illustrates that his mind keeps him from rebelling against Miss Ratched and her aides.

Another example is that Bromden views himself as “not big,” but some characters claim that he is. “Even if he is big, he’s scared of his own sh-sh-shadow.” Billy Bibbit stated on page 23. Because of his self-appearance belief, McMurphy said he will help him gain his strength back. On page 211, “I get you big as you used to be… you not only get my special body-buildin’ course for nothing…” McMurphy told the him. Chief Bromden is somewhat similar to The Wizard of Oz’s cowardly lion because they are both afraid and do not believe in themselves. As soon as the lion takes the “courage” potion, he is fearless. Just like Bromden when McMurphy helps him regain his confidence. He begins to defy the nurse by avoiding taking his medication at night. Towards the end of the novel, the fog begins to clear up and he is able to resist the aides and the Big Nurse. “While I was watching him go, the other one came out of the shower and a put a wrestling hold on me–arms up under mine from behind and head locked behind my neck…” The author turned his cowardly lion into the king of the jungle by the help of his friend. McMurphy’s act of rebellion made the other inmates follow his path which Kesey showed the development of the character.

The theme of this novel is rebellion. The Big Nurse is described as, “pleased and peaceful,” on page 4. This is misleading because she is strict and controlling. Her aides were chatting and Bromden thought she would show anger towards them because they should be cleaning and not talking but Nurse Ratched calmly says, “. . . and we have quite a number of appointments this morning, so perhaps, if your standing here in a group talking isn’t too urgent…” If the patients do not do what they are told she gets frustrated that is why Bromden thought the aides would be punished. We see she is getting frustrated with McMurphy because he is “manipulating” them. McMurphy begins annoying her and calling her a name “Good morning, Miss Rat-shed!” Readers know that these little things are irritating the nurse because she is respected by all of her patients. Mcmurphy wants to annoying to get under her skin. Many of the patients were blindsided by the Nurse Ratched. She was controlling that the patients were fearful because they knew what would happen if they disrespected her. The patients wanted to escape tyranny so it led to disobeying her. Nurse Ratched losing her control with her patients causing them to get shock therapy. He starts asking her if he can watch the world cup and in the afternoon he can clean and she said no and he disobeyed her. The inmates notified her what will happen if he on goes. He could get shock therapy for it. This results in the change of Big Nurse. She was always in charge but if any of them got to the point where they disobeyed her they will receive shock therapy or by chance have a lobotomy. In the beginning it is shown that she is calm but towards the end she is annoyed of McMurphy. Kesey wants the reader to know that Nurse Ratched is slowly losing her patience with McMurphy. He is not following the rules as he should like the other inmates. In the end McMurphy does get the lobotomy and is a vegetable.

The Big Nurse runs a mental institution. On page “‘I’m afraid… That is exactly what the new patient is planning: to take over. He is what we call a ‘manipulator,’” she exclaimed. She is being ironic because she says Mcmurphy is also being very controlling to the other inmates but she is also controlling them. The big nurse is basically saying he is ill because he is a manipulator which sounds like her. She wants to have him removed for his act which she should be removed to for her foolishness.

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