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assignment ideas Essay

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What are the five elements in the rhetorical situation? Use TRACE to help you remember. Text, Reader, Audience, Constraints, Exigency 2. How can a reader use the rhetorical situation to analyze an argument essay? How can a viewer use the rhetorical situation to analyze an image? How can a writer use the rhetorical situation during the planning phase of writing a paper? If an argument essay is a good one, you can use TRACE to analyze it to tell if it is a good argument.

An image can be analyzed by TRACE by going through each of he steps to determine if it is a good visual argument.

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assignment ideas
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Using the TRACE system, you can better plan your writing. 3. Why is the audience important in argument? What types of positions might an audience initially hold? What possible outcomes are associated with argue- meets directed to each of these audiences? Audience is needed or argument is invalid. Audience can take either side and the desired outcome is that they will take your side in the argument at the end.

There is also the possibility of a common ground where each side of the argument settles. 4. What is a discourse community? To what discourse communities do you belong?

How does a discourse community help establish common ground for its members? Groups that people are affiliated. Gaming community and IT community. People are more likely to side with someone who has common ground with them. 5. What is the universal audience? What are the special qualities of this audit- once? Why is it a useful idea? Audience that applies to everything you write. They are always against your argument and have no knowledge of the topic. It helps you to be a better writer because you input more information and better arguments.

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