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Body Image and New Barbie

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It has been sold all over the world, making billions of dollars for its creator. Her perfect body is what girls all around the world talk about. She has the fashion, the looks, and the pizzazz that anybody would want. As you might have guessed in the first sentence, it’s none other than Barbie. Her slender, gorgeous body, beautiful legs, and luxurious, thick hair would be an honor to have. But, is it really a dream come true, or a terrifying nightmare? Is Barbie a good role model for a young girl to follow, or is Barbie a threat to your children?

In response to this question, many parents overlook the facts and ay, “A little doll isn’t going to hurt my child.

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Body Image and New Barbie
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It’s k. ” But, is the happy-go-lucky, fun, careless lifestyle of Barbie just “k”? Face it, parents, Barbie is not a good role model for your little girl to be looking up to. Barbie gives off a unrealistic and unhealthy vision of what beauty is.

She contributes to low self-esteem, negative body image and eating disorders in young girls. She also shows them an unrealistic “perfect’ lifestyle.

Barbie is sending the wrong message for girls around the world. Barbie’s appearance is sending the message that arils need to be perfect and that if you don’t look like a Barbie you are not “Beautiful”. To solve this problem, I think Matter should create more diverse and healthy Barbie’s. If they make these new Barbie dolls, girls will feel more confident about themselves. If the dolls were a healthier size, had different faces, body types and more diverse hair and skin colors, girls would have no choice but believe that everybody is beautiful in their own way.

This is the truth and by making unrealistic Barbie dolls, girls think skinny, tall and blonde is who they need to become. Now the question is, what would Barbie look like if she were real? Barbie would have to walk on all fours because of her proportions. She would be physically incapTABLE of lifting her own head because it is 2 inches larger than a normal humans. Her neck would be twice as long and at least 6 inches thinner than a normal humans. With a 16 inch waist, Barbie would only have half of a liver.

She would be incapTABLE of lifting anything because her wrists are only 3. 5 inches thick. Her legs are 50 percent longer than her arms, a normal humans legs are only 20 percent longer than the arms. Her feet would e a child’s shoe size three. She would be taller than 7 feet tall and thinner than an anorexic. She would only weigh 110 lbs and her IBM would be 16. 24. Barbie would fit the criteria of someone who has anorexia. In 1956 Slumber Party Barbie was introduced, this Barbie came with a bathroom scale permanently set to 110 lbs.

This Barbie also came with a book called “How to lose weight” and the instructions inside the book stated “Don’t eat”. How could this possibly set a good example for young girls? This is showing them that they need to be skinny and if they aren’t they need to lose weight. This is here self-esteem, body image and eating disorders come into the picture. Many young girls will compare themselves to Barbie. I actually think this is horrific because Barbie has absolutely nothing wrong with her. Her waist is about the size of a pin, she has no split ends, her legs are toned and she has no skin problems.

Girls looking up to her will become discouraged and feel ashamed of themselves when they look in the mirror and see themselves as a perfectly normal young girl and not a model like Barbie. Young girls starting at age 7 are now becoming anorexic because they wish to attain Barbie’s lawless figure. This is disappointing because girls that age (and at any age) should be happy and comforTABLE in their own body. Everything about Barbie is perfect from head to toe, her life, her dream houses, even her boyfriend Ken. Barbie shows little girls an unrealistic way of life.

Life isn’t about having the most expensive clothes, or the biggest home, life is about finding your passion, reaching goals you may want to achieve and most importantly being happy with your life. Girls need to know that Barbie isn’t real. Barbie is a machine made, piece of plastic and not a real beauty. Matter makes her reflect so people buy her. Barbie’s story is actually very unrealistic. Barbie does not have a job to get money to buy her dream home and private jet. She also never has true friends; she spends a majority of her time with her boyfriend, Ken.

In real life you should always put your friends first before your boyfriend. If girls think this is a reality, they are Wrong. In order to get half this stuff, you must keep a successful job, work hard and have fun. Some people still do not believe that Barbie can have an impact on young girls even after they heard about all the facts. They say ” Its just a doll, It can’t possibly aka a girl have a bad body image or low self – esteem. ” They are some-what right. The Barbie can not make them have a bad body image or low self- esteem but it does influence them.

The impact of these dolls on the self- image and eating habits of girls is very real. In a psychological study, girls ages 5 to 8 were shown pictures of either a Barbie doll, or a more realistic size 16 doll. The girls who saw the Barbie dolls had lower self-esteem and worse body image, and had a stronger desire to be thin. When girls ages 6 to 10 were assigned to play with either a Barbie doll or an average-sized doll, the hillier who had played with the Barbie doll ate significantly less food.

The bodies represented by these dolls are directly influencing how children see themselves, as well as how they feed themselves. Barbie dolls are not a good influence on young girls. The Barbie is not real and yet has so many real effects on girls who play with them. Those girls need to realize that they are beautiful just the way they are and do not need to change. They are too young to be having to worry about their weight and appearance they should be out having fun! A new Barbie should be created to show them that.

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