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Essayabout Roman and Chinese Empires

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More than two thousand years ago, two great empires arose. The Chinese and the Roman Empires. Having different locations, there were obvious differences from the start, assembly and the collapse of the empires, but there were also astonishing similarities. Located in modern time Asia and Europe, the Chinese and Roman empires were revolutionary with their ideas and accomplishments in their time from the start to the end of their empires. The start of Chinese Empire did not occur in a steady rate but an erratic rate.

It all started when the Xia, Shang and Zhou dynasties created a Chinese state in and around present day China. After their system failed, all of the states were very competitive against each other which lead to a ruler of the Qin dynasty, Shihuangdi’s, unification in 221 B.C.E. The way the Roman Empire started was completely different from the way the Chinese Empire rose. No one really knows what happened, but legend has it that two Etruscan brothers Romulus and Remus were saved by a she-wolf.

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Essayabout Roman and Chinese Empires
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After that Romulus and Remus got into a deadly fight and Romulus succeeded and started an empire. Since his name was Romulus he named the civilization Rome. This all happened around 753 B.C.E. on the Tiber River around present day Italy. After starting the Chinese Empire, Shihuangdi based the empire on a harsh law system called legalism and was also influenced by Confucianism. Since Shihuangdi was the only ruler of the empire, the government was considered a strong central monarchy. When the Chinese empire had a good start, they expanded their territories to northern Vietnam, Korea, and the northwest steppes. Shihuangdi believed the harsher the empire the more respected, so he invested heavily into a strong military army a.

. . these factors, Rome also perished. Now you are probably wondering with all these similar factors that lead to the demise of the empires, how did China recover successfully? The Chinese empire unlike the Roman empire, held on to their cultural identity and tried not to accept diversity in cultures. This is also called cultural homogeneity. Cultural homogeneity create a sense of togetherness. This creates less organization and religious drama. China also had more advanced technological breakthroughs in the fields of agriculture and metallurgy. This is needed to progress and recover so you have ways of keeping up with the economy. The Chinese empire also had one common religion that mostly held up. Confucianism. Having mostly the same religion unifies most people, which is also needed for a recovery. With these main factors, the Chinese empire recovered successfully.

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