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The effects of minimum wage on employees



Words: 4547 (19 pages)

Minimum Wage Introduction Minimum wage refers to the least remuneration on a daily, hourly, or monthly basis legally paid to employees by their employers. Similarly, it is the least wage at which workers are willing to sell their labor. Minimum wages are established by the government legislation or by a contract. This implies that paying…

Royal Bank of Scotland (RBS) 




Words: 5447 (22 pages)

These papers discuss about one of the world’s largest banks Royal Bank of Scotland (RBS) Group. The discussion highlights the main strategies of Royal Bank of Scotland (RBS) group all over the world and also the analysis of these strategies whether these were successful or not. What was the effect of Royal Bank of Scotland’s…

The Enron Scandal and Ethical Issues

Enron Scandal


Words: 2558 (11 pages)

Abstraction Every house and its directors are expected to maximise investor returns while following with regulative criterions, avoiding principal-agent struggles of involvement, and heightening the reputational capital of their houses. However, in patterns, being ethically is non merely about giving big amount of charity ‘s money but acknowledging and moving on possible ethical issues before…

Assignment Saintsbury




Words: 680 (3 pages)

Debt to equity ratio – shows the extent to which the assets are financed by either debt or equity. This could be calculated by the following equation. The decision on the ratio of long term debt to equity is considered as a strategic one for managers i. E. Future oriented and has a long term…

Tax Free Investment



Words: 2855 (12 pages)

An assignment on tax free and tax saving investment. Group 6 members: Oduwole femi moses 09aa08565 Offoma ruby09aa08566 Ofodile nnamdi09aa08567 Ogbebor iyayi evans09aa08568 Ogodeton Kelvin09aa08569 Ogubanjo oluwatobi09aa08570 Ogunfuye oluwayomi09aa08571 Ogunnbi eniola09aa08572 Ogunjemilusi olorunfemi09aa08573 Ojesanmi temitope 09aa08574 Okafor chioma09aa08575 Okagbuzo uwaremeo09aa08576 Okocha desmond09aa08577 GROUP LEADER: OGODETON KELVIN OKIEMUTE. Tax-Free Investments: Federal, state, and local governments pay…

Monopolistic Advantage Theory




Words: 931 (4 pages)

Monopolistic Advantage Theory an approach in international business which explains why a particular national firm is able to compete with indigenous competitors in overseas market. He started by looking at international investments which classified into two: portfolio investment and direct investment. Control is the key factor which differentiates one another. If the investor directly controls…

Russia, Germany, China -which country is best choice of U.S automobile company investment?




Words: 2838 (12 pages)

Russia, Germany, China -which country is best choice of U.S automobile company investment? Executive Summary This report will deeply analyze the benefits, costs and risks associated with doing business in China, Russia and Germany. Through comprehensive evaluation the three countries’ macro environment, it deems China is the most attractive target for foreign direct investment. It…

The Financial Advisor Project 




Words: 788 (4 pages)

My clients require $5,500 per month to afford a mortgage and private school tuition in addition to the lease payments on their shop. As the average entreneur in North Carolina makes $83,367, currently we can say the need of $5,500 is easy for my clients to afford (Salaries, n.d.). However, my clients are wanting to…

Similarities between absorption and marginal costing methods



Financial Accounting




Words: 1541 (7 pages)

Absorption bing dainties the costs of all fabrication constituents ( direct stuff, direct labor, variable operating expense and fixed operating expense ) as inventoriable or merchandise costs in conformity with by and large accepted accounting rules ( GAAP ) , ( BARFIELD et al. , 2001 ) . 1.2 Fringy Costing Variable costing is a…

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