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Codes and Conventions of a Documentary


Words: 333 (2 pages)

A documentary is a broad term to describe a movie that in some way “documents” or captures reality. Documentaries are often used to reveal a usual, interesting or unknown angle. Purpose of documentary: – Documentaries concentrate upon actual evidence. – Documentaries film real people, real life events and also explain historical events and scientific discoveries….

Analysis of Autobiography “Superman and Me”


Words: 912 (4 pages)

Superman and Me Pronouns In the autobiography “Superman and Me,” Alexie uses an interesting strategy to show how his position has changed in the society as a “smart,” “arrogant,” and “lucky” Indian. He uses the strategy of shifting pronouns to show that he was an outlier, very different from the rest of his peers, and…

Adventures of the Best Friends in the Movie “Bottle Rocket”




My Best Friends

Words: 500 (2 pages)

The film “Bottle Rocket” was directed by Wes Anderson, a well known director in the industry. Created in 1996, the film’s cast included Luke Wilson (Anthony) and Owen C. Wilson (Dignan) as the main characters, portrayed as best friends on an adventure to find themselves. Throughout the entirety of the film, the main focus was…

Music is my passion


Words: 550 (3 pages)

If I have to choose one thing that I’m passionate about, then I would have to choose music. Ever since I bought my first CD 10 years ago, it has permeated me in every way I can possibly think. After that first experience, I quickly dived into my own sister’s extensive music collection to catch…

Reaction Paper on Rizal the Movie


Words: 1663 (7 pages)

Rizal’s multifaceted aspects include his skills, talents and knowledge about poetry, painting, academics, medicine, philosophy, history, law and international languages. These aspects only prove how intelligent and gifted Rizal is even more when he wrote literary articles to attack the Spanish oppressors in the Philippines. Rizal, as a student, manifested proficiency and excellency because at…

Finding Nemo Summary

Finding Nemo

Words: 826 (4 pages)

Summary Essay: Finding Nemo This undersea movie is introduced with a married couple of clownfish admiring their new home by the drop off. While talking about their future plans and getting ready for their clutch of eggs to hatch, a barracuda attacks them, leaving Marlin, the husband, unconscious, a widower, and a father of one…

Creative writing piece based on the short animation ‘Alma’


Words: 588 (3 pages)

The streets of Barcelona were plastered with sludge and the rooftops were being bleached by the purity of the white snow as it falls gently, caressing the slates that have been fractured by the intense heat of the Spanish summer which, had long since passed. There were very few people scattered around the city, as…

Racism in Hollywood



Words: 1653 (7 pages)

            Hollywood has become the symbol not only of American motion picture but the world’s as well. It generates a very powerful influence on the moral, cultural as well as political issues of the society and more often than not, these influences give a narrow minded way. Many people cannot help but notice that the…

Compare and Contrast the Blues and Country Music



Words: 335 (2 pages)

            Are the blues really blue? Were the whites the original singers of blues during the rock and roll era? Was country music originally a different and separate genre from blues? Are they performing the same type of music? The answer to all of these questions is NO. Today, blues and country music are considered as significantly…

The Renaissance and The Protestant Reformation


The Protestant Reformation

Words: 1219 (5 pages)

The Renaissance was a period of cultural evolution that spread across Europe throughout the 14th- 17th century. Began in Florence, the Italian Renaissance had a profound impact in the development of the Renaissance outside of Italy resulting with the Northern Renaissance which included the German Renaissance, the French Renaissance, and other European nations. Although both…

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