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Film Analysis of the Movie Stepmom


Words: 2464 (10 pages)

In the United States, the rate of divorce cases is rising day by day. Rough estimates show that around 50% of the marriages are ending up in divorce (National center for health statistics, 2006). This only shows that divorce is not something to be neglected and ignored. It is an important issue that should be…

Pursuit of Happyness Movie Review

Movie Review

Words: 1196 (5 pages)

Movie Review: Pursuit of Happyness Being homeless, separated, and forced to raise a five year old isn’t exactly the ideal state for most people, but this is where Chris Gardner (Will Smith) finds himself. The year is 1981, and Chris has completely gambled away all of his money into buying bone marrow scanners to sell….

The patriot movie review

Movie Review


Words: 671 (3 pages)

Aim small, miss small. If only the production stayed true to their line, critics and historians would have commended the movie. But they dreamed big, and so they missed big. The Patriot (2000) is an ambitious film that attempts to present the harsh realities of the Revolutionary War in South Carolina (1776). It opened with…

Dramatic Ingenuity of Antonio Vivaldi in His Music Analysis



Orchestra Concert

Words: 1526 (7 pages)

Antonio Vivaldi’s Concerto for Violin and Orchestra in A minor, Op. 3, No.6.: Musical Analysis;Antonio Vivaldi’s Concerto for Violin and Orchestra in A minor, Op.3, No. 6.: A Musical AnalysisAntonio Vivaldi, who composed the Concerto for Violin and Orchestra in A minor, Op.3, No.6. (1726) was born in Venice, although he had spent a great…

Beowulf: Movie and Book Sample




Words: 559 (3 pages)

What do you make when you read a book so watch the film on it? Make you watch it to acquire the image of the narrative or make you watch it to compare the two? When reading a narrative so watching a film you need to watch out for the similarities and differences between the…

Analysis – Igor Stravinsky “Three pieces for String quartet” no. 2

Classical Music

Elements of music


Music theory


Performing arts


Words: 490 (2 pages)

Contrasting motives and different lines are the main themes in the second movement of Stravinsky´s “Three pieces for String quartet”. The movement divides into 5 different sections that all have different materials and tempos. The first section (bars 1-14) begins with repeated descending movements in all voices. The movement goes down a semitone in I…

Renaissance men and women



Words: 363 (2 pages)

            The term “Renaissance Man” during the Renaissance referred to men (and few qualified women) of noble birth who were cultured and well educated and accomplished in both the arts and sciences.  Because of the gender bias prevalent during that era, the term was appropriate. Despite the fact that some women were better educated than…

Jean-Michel Basquiat And His Influence On Developing Graffiti



Words: 640 (3 pages)

In the year of 1976 Jean-Michel and his family move back to the states where they built a new life in Boerum Hill, Brooklyn. Once again, Jean-Michel runs away from home, but this time in his leave of absence he experiments with the psychedelic drug lysergic acid diethylamide, also known as LSD. LSD is an…

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