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Cyber Bullying is a Serious Problem

Cyber Bullying

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Bullying has always existed, but what bullying can do is beyond anyone imagination. Over the years, bullying has potentially grown through the use of electronic media which is also known as Cyber Bullying. According to the US Government “Cyberbullying includes sending, posting, or sharing negative, harmful, false, content about someone else. It can include sharing…

Cyber Bullying and Suicide in Teens

Cyber Bullying

Teenage Suicide

Words: 1775 (8 pages)

Parenting is the most enjoyable and rewarding job that starts when two people decide to have a child. However, as parents, we quickly learn that children do not come with reference manual and that every child is an individual with their own personality. Therefore, many parents, besides experiencing joy they also experience fear, which lurks…

Cyberbullying Informative Speech Outline yes Research Paper


Informative Speech

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Accessibility Informative Speech Outline l. Introduction A. Attention Getter: “Our prime purpose In life Is to help others. And If you can’t help them, at least don’t hurt them. ” – Dalai Lama B. Thesis: I am going to be talking to you about cyber bullying. C. Significance: Privacy is a thing of the past….

Our Changing World



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Our Changing World Was it only a decade ago that a blackberry was a mere summer fruit? That green was just a colour, and reality TV was that one show sandwiched between music videos on MTV? There were, of course, huge political and social upheavals that roiled our world in the past decade. But there…

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