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Rimowa-Marketing case study


Words: 5225 (21 pages)

1. Introduction – General information The following essay will deal with the well-established Cologne-based luggage and suitcase manufacturer RIMOWA who has achieved world fame with its rectangular aluminium travel trunk featuring an iconic design – that is a grooved surface. The tradition-rich company can proud itself of over 100 years of experience having resisted drastic…

Malaysia Airlines: Case of Unprofitability

Airline Industry

Words: 885 (4 pages)

Malaysia Airlines suffers major unprofitability since 1997, lost their market shares and recovered only in first quarter 2006 and 2007. To counter that, Malaysia Airlines has introduced its Business Turnaround Plan in 2008 to recover their market share among customers for improvements which covers from cost cutting measures to business strategies like: Cost cutting measures:…

Oilwell Cable Company


Words: 449 (2 pages)

CASE : THE VIRTUAL PROJECT: MANAGING TOMORROW’S TEAM TODAY Question 1. The virtual project problems are unique to the phenomenon of being dispersed. For example, the using of electronic communications can improve the convenience of the virtual project. Team members who are located in different place are be able to have a clear communication and…

Analysis of kellogg company


Words: 3514 (15 pages)

            According to the website, Kellogg Company consists of a group of companies.  The group’s main activities revolve around manufacturing and marketing convenience and cereal food products, which are usually in the ready-to-eat form.  These commodities include cereal bars, crackers, cookies, frozen waffles, toaster pastries among other commodities.  The brand names under which the…

Trust and Betrayal Essay



Words: 615 (3 pages)

Trust, big –word. Trust is a word that is hard to explain, either hard or easy to release. Trust is a belief with a sense of assurance to self or other people. Trust is primarily a positive emotion or a logical act. Trust becomes emotional when it comes to showing your vulnerability to someone you…

Aircraft Myths Debunked



Words: 859 (4 pages)

Do you fear flying because you think you might die? Do you feel safer driving to your destination rather than flying? Have you heard about all the ways you can die in a flight like your inside being sucked out from flushing the toilet, someone opening the door while at cruising altitude, lightning striking the…

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