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Online Education in United States

Online Education

Words: 1385 (6 pages)

The realm of online education is an increasing technological service utilized for information attainment in the United States. School systems are currently implementing computerized distance learning to teach upper level coursework that is not offered via a classroom setting. Many students solely rely on online education for their primary means of information attainment. Today, nearly…

Online Courses and Traditional Classes

Online Education

Words: 483 (2 pages)

Historically, the first online course was launched in 1986 by John F. Kennedy University in California – USA, and it was popular in some large universities: MIT, Stanford, Harvard,… with websites such as: edx, Coursera, Khan Academy…Over the past few year, with the era of industrial 4.0, online education has experienced an explosive growth rate…

Why College Athletes Deserve a Salary

Should college athletes be paid

Why I Deserve This Scholarship

Words: 1546 (7 pages)

The Ncaa was created in 1905 with help by Theodore Roosevelt. When the late president helped organize this organization he never would have believed the success and popularity over the years. The Ncaa started out to be a place where young athletes could go to further their career. Now the Ncaa is a 11 billion…

The Battle of Student Loan Debt

Student loan

Words: 2239 (9 pages)

A recent and pressing debate in American politics has been centered around the topic of increasing student loan debt and the overarching conversation of who really benefits from them. As the cost of attending college increases, the amount of student loans being taken out also increases, which in turn leads to debt for those students….

Problem of Rape Culture Involving Athletes

Why is College Important

Words: 1750 (7 pages)

Hundreds of sexual assault reports on campuses involving student athletes go un-noticed and un-discussed due to their participation in the university’s sports team. We read stories in the news constantly about students at high-profile athletic schools getting accused or found guilty of rape or assault, and still being allowed to participate in sporting events. For…

Income Contingent Loans Can Solve the Student Loan Debt Crisis

Student loan

Words: 947 (4 pages)

Students in the US are currently drowning in student loan debt. “ One recent study found that the majority of American borrowers, 56% of them struggle with paying their student loan payments in the first five years after college.”(Paragraph 12) Finding a solution to the problem will help millions of students. This US should adopt…

School Online: Better or Not

Online Education

Words: 871 (4 pages)

School is a way of life for mostly everyone in life. But there are different forms of schooling and in detail there is two different forms of school: online and physically at school. It’s a subject that can really be elaborated on and facts pulled from. It is also a subject people must make once…

The Ascending Cost of College Tuition in America

College Tuition

Words: 1246 (5 pages)

The high price of a college education is an issue of growing concern for American families. Over the past twenty years, tuition has more than doubled at both public and private schools. An affordable higher education is important for students and is a necessity to have a quality education to compete in the changing job…

College Prices and the Opportunity Gap

Should College be Free

Words: 1271 (6 pages)

The price of college has skyrocketed by 163% in the last 30 years (Martin). Student loans have overtaken the public, becoming bigger than even the national consumer credit card debt. Poor communities, typically those of color, have stayed poor do to the lack of funding for their schools. We are a nation of chaos. But…

Online Colleges in US

Online Education

Words: 517 (3 pages)

Thinking of Online Colleges in US Today’s world is all about Internet, generally Online Colleges aims at providing an online education to the students through internet, rather than going and attending colleges in traditional campus setting, an online college refers to an online degree programmes offered by colleges and universities, here the students have liberty…

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