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Creative Writing Essays

Creative Writing: My Grandfather

My Grandfather, although he moved around a lot when he was a kid, grewup fairly well. He has lived in California, Texas, Wisconsin and many others. He traveled to many places because of his first career. Grandpa was born in Salt Lake City, Utah. He lived there for the firstthree months of his life. He …

Trapped – Creative Writing

Downtown is cold, colder then back home on the island. I make my way around three short blocks, reaching 5th avenue where my friend Jeff lives. He doesn’t have a phone so I stand under his apartment building and yell his name, he lives eight floors up but if he’s home he can hear me. …

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Creative Writing

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Creative writing rubric middle school

A muffled moan of grief arose in her throat, and her head throbbed with pain. But she kept silent, because she ad learnt to do so now. The way she had learnt to adjust to her new surroundings in this alien, hostile country, and had learnt to accept the countless jeers and merciless teasing and …

Creative Writing Assigmnet

Prologue The door to the motel room slammed shut, shaking the walls. “Mother. Mother where are you? God damn it. You get out here right now. I’ve not finished with you yet mother!” Norman screamed. He stormed through the hotel room. “Come out come out where ever you are.” Norman lifted the cover on the …

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