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Creative Writing Essays

The Room – Creative Writing

It had all started back in the old trophy room in Roker Park. It was 5th December 1995. The room looked quite big as it had white walls and a beige coloured ceiling, and had pictures of the past and present greatest footballers who had played for Sunderland A. F.C during the 1900s. They were …

The killer in the back seat – creative writing

Anne was driving on narrow deserted country road without any front lights; she was only 20 years of age, with long black hair, blue eyes and no other family that she knew of. It was a cold, gloomy and dark night; Anne could sense the danger waiting for her just around the corner. As she …

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Creative Writing

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Jealousy – Creative Writing

It was a day with hot colours, when it felt that the old wet season was about to set in. In that calm atmosphere Dion was running on the beach nearly breathless, trying to flee from his troubles. The salt soaked air was filling his lungs. Under the music of the wind and the rhythms …

Creative writing piece based on the short animation ‘Alma’

The streets of Barcelona were plastered with sludge and the rooftops were being bleached by the purity of the white snow as it falls gently, caressing the slates that have been fractured by the intense heat of the Spanish summer which, had long since passed. There were very few people scattered around the city, as …

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