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Fallacy – Hypothesis Contrary to Fact

Critical Thinking Skills






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Since the first man walked this earth, we have been trying to understand why everything is the way it is. Why do things work the way they do? What happens if you put this with that? Humans have always been determined to learn and understand everything they can. As a result, the knowledge that beings…

Fallacy of Complex Question

Critical Thinking Skills





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Yes, it is true that the fallacy of complex question is one of the fallacies of presumption. Complex question is also known as many questions, loaded question or presupposition. Complex question is firstly logical fallacy belonging to the fallacy of presumption. This fallacy is committed when a person asks a question presupposing something unproven and…

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Is complex question a fallacy of presumption?
A complex question is a loaded question if affirming the implicit assumption is detrimental to the person answering the question. This fallacy has the form of a question with a false, disputed, or circular (begging the question) presumption.
What is an example of a loaded question fallacy?
A loaded question is a trick question, which presupposes at least one unverified assumption that the person being questioned is likely to disagree with. For example, the question “have you stopped mistreating your pet?” is a loaded question, because it presupposes that you have been mistreating your pet.
What is the difference between complex question and begging the question?
"The fallacy of complex question is the interrogative form of the fallacy of begging the question. Like the latter, it begs the question by assuming the conclusion at issue: "Before rushing to answer a complex question, it is best to question the question: a) Have you stopped beating your wife?

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