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Dominican Republic



Words: 1453 (6 pages)

I also want to share its cuisine and music because I feel hose are the most popular and fun things of being a Dominican. The Dominican Republic is one of two nations that make up the island of Hispanic. The first known natives of this land were known as the Taints who had inhabited what…

Influence of Mexican Cuisine – San Francisco Bay Area


San francisco

Words: 1987 (8 pages)

Food if one of the aesthetic identification of culture and tradition as it marks its progress from generation to generation, and history to history. Mexican cooking began with the arrival of humans in Mexico and as various cultures influence their cuisine, the tradition and cultural background of their menu have began to evolve. Mexican food,…

Philippine Cuisine


Words: 10335 (42 pages)

INTRODUCTION Filipino food, with its characteristically vibrant and contrasting combination of sweet, salty and tangy flavors, is the food of the people of the Philippines, a South East Asian country. Though less spicy, Filipino recipes, which are an outcome of an appealing blend of the different indigenous and colonial cuisines, though less spicy than comparable…

Cuisine of Myanmar Sample



Words: 428 (2 pages)

The culinary art of Myanmar besides known as Burma is influence by China. India and Thailand. They have their ain cookery methods and dishes. Hence. Burmese culinary art has their ain individuality. Burmese people enjoy rice as their chief nutrient like the Filipinos. Rice is normally served with meat or fish. soup. salad and veggies…

Definition of International Cuisine


Words: 374 (2 pages)

How is international cuisine defined ended Intention cuisine means the different cooking from around the world. Each country has its own well known food to represent that country. Each cuisine also has an art in it self showing which country it belongs to. What influenced the cuisine of particular countries? Land- many different lands have…

French Cuisine History Overview



Words: 1225 (5 pages)

French cuisine is considered an art in France and dining is not just about food and drinks but it is about culture, family and socializing.  Aside from satisfying the gastronomic needs of the body, dining in France is a leisure activity.  It is in no way done hurriedly.  Instead, dining is enjoyed with good company,…

Live, Die, Eat: A Glimpse into the World of Asian Cuisine


Words: 1256 (6 pages)

Upon coming across my decision on what my paper would be about, it was very evident that I would be discussing the Asian cuisine, due to me often watching a clips on YouTube of them eating live octopus, squid or fish. It amazes me to see some of the things they eat and how they…

Hoses Candy From Pakistan




Words: 294 (2 pages)

Hoses Candy Introduction: Hoses Is one of the oldest known candy name In Pakistan. The name Itself Is enough to restore the Image of It’s almost transparent white wrapper plus the white candy itself. It was a B class product but recently it lost it’s existence from it’s target market. As old as this candy…

An Analysis of the Topic of the Chicago’s Italian Connection




Words: 1290 (6 pages)

Chicago’s has always had an Italian connection. In the early 1900s the influence of Italian mafia on Chicago was strong and especially that of Al Capone. As the years passed by the mafia’s influence became less but they surely left behind their Italian cuisine for the people of Chicago to enjoy. One such classy place…

A Study of Southern Italian Cuisine




Words: 548 (3 pages)

We live in a very diverse world with many different cultures. Food is one way all cultures can express their individuality. From Mexico’s vibrant, spicy cuisine to China’s simple and traditional meals, each dish matches their lifestyle. But let’s talk Southern Italian cuisine. Food of Southern Italy can be described as earthy; most of their…

Frequently Asked Questions about Cuisines

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What is a cuisine description?
A cuisine is a style of cooking characterized by distinctive ingredients, techniques and dishes, and usually associated with a specific culture or geographic region. Regional food preparation traditions, customs and ingredients often combine to create dishes unique to a particular region.
What is cuisine in food?
: manner of preparing food : style of cooking a cooking method used in French cuisine also : the food prepared enjoys French cuisine.
Why is cuisine important to culture?
On a larger scale, food is an important part of culture. ... It also operates as an expression of cultural identity. Immigrants bring the food of their countries with them wherever they go and cooking traditional food is a way of preserving their culture when they move to new places.

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