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Unethical Research


Words: 788 (4 pages)

My goal was to search for an article that regards unethical research in a field of business. The article I found is titled The Publication of Ethically Uncertain Research: Attitudes and Practices of Journal Editors. Before I read this article, I had not any idea about the restrictions of research in the media. From what…

Andrew Wakefield – Unethical Research



Words: 834 (4 pages)

Ethics are custom to every day living. Recognizing ethics in his or her research is vital. “The goal of ethics in research is to ensure that no one is harmed or suffers adverse consequences from research activities” (Cooper & Schindler, 2011, Chapter 2, Ethics in Business Research). Andrew Wakefield, a British doctor, was accused of…

Development Of AI: The Intention Of Making Comparable Insight



Never Give Up

Words: 665 (3 pages)

Man-made brainpower is the way toward building PC, robot controlled by a PC or programming thinking brilliantly, in a way the shrewd human considers. It endeavors not to simply see but rather likewise to manufacture savvy elements. Simulated intelligence as of now includes an enormous assortment of subfields extending from the general (learning and discernment)…

An Introduction to the Life of Brigham Young a Religious Fanatic of the Mormon Church


Words: 740 (3 pages)

“Whenever I see a pretty woman I have to pray for grace.” – a quote from the founder and first Prophet of the Mormon Church and predecessor of the Great Prophet Brigham Young. Brigham Young was a very much-disliked person in his time but was also a praised person in his religion. A practical man…

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