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How Jews and Hindus Imagine God?


Words: 340 (2 pages)

Religion has been around for thousands of years and every culture has their definition of it. In most religions there is belief that there is one God that created life and its creation but some religion believe there are many Gods. Many religions believe in going to church on Sundays, while others go to a…

Source and Form Criticism of the Bible


Words: 2523 (11 pages)

The bible is perceived as a historical text; however there is no historical evidence that proves biblical events ever occurred. This is why critical analysis of the bible is essential in the understanding of the events that occurred in the bible. As form criticism plans out the “life setting” of the text, it helps to…

Neo-Confucianism in Tokugawa Period


Words: 2681 (11 pages)

Implementation of Neo-Confucianism during Tokugawa period had practical meaning. It was chosen as a mean to strengthen governmental power and to end up internal wars. The choice of Neo-Confucianism can be also explained by economic necessity. In China Neo-Confucianism appeared during Sung Period, which lasted from 1130 to 1200. Chu Hsi transformed the principles of…

Dimmesdale, the Greatest Sinner




Words: 1220 (5 pages)

It’s all Dimmesdale’s fault In the novel, The Scarlet Letter, many of the characters are looked upon as sinners. Sinners are people who go against the bible, God’s word. In actuality every character is a sinner someway and somehow. After reading the book, there is one character that sticks out to be the biggest sinner…

Comparison of Martin Avdeich and Mr. Behrman Characters



Words: 352 (2 pages)

In the two stories “Where Love Is, There Is God Also” and  “The Last Leaf” we see two characters who change the outcome of peoples lives. Both Martin Avdeich and Mr. Behrman were similar in character but also very different. Both of the men helped others they knew and helped change others outlook on life….

Comparative: Greed and Corruption in “The Pardoners Tale” and “A Simple Plan”


Seven deadly sins

Words: 1045 (5 pages)

Both Geoffrey Chaucer in “The Pardoners Tale” and Sam Raimi in the film “A Simple Plan” composed moral tales exploring the concept of greed and corruption. Both composers suggest that a person’s good morals can be easily corrupted by the power of greed; both composers explore the fatal consequences of greed and corruption which affirms…

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