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Andrew Jackson: Tyrant or Democrat?

Andrew Jackson


Words: 1450 (6 pages)

Andrew Jackson: Tyrant or Democrat? Andrew Jackson was the seventh President of the United States of America. Administration of Andrew Jackson seems to be rather controversial issue and a matter for debates. Nevertheless, I think that Andrew Jackson tried to become a President, though, instead, appeared to be tyrant. However, he realized himself that he…

Democracy and Political Culture in Bangladesh.



Words: 5057 (21 pages)

Table of Index Introduction2 Democracy: Concept2 Basic Principles or Requisites of Democracy:3 1. Liberty:3 2. Equality:3 3. Fraternity:3 4. The people as ultimate source of sovereignty:3 5. Fundamental rights to the people:4 6. Independence of Judiciary:4 7. The people are considered as an end and State as the means in a democracy:4 Politics:4 Political Democracy:4…

Functioning Democracy: Mutual Toleration And Institutional Forbearance


Democracy in America

Words: 808 (4 pages)

Levitsky & Ziblatt begin by accounting for the rise of other authoritarian leaders in the past such as Hitler, Mussolini, and Hugo Chavez and they explain that many people incorrectly believe that we can keep democracy safe by having the people hold democratic values but that in reality, political parties are democracy’s gatekeepers’. They must…

What are the main causes of Voter Apathy in the USA?




Words: 1770 (8 pages)

Voter apathy has been a cause for concern throughout western democracies, it is often deemed the greater the participation of the electorate the more legitimate the government in place. This is no different in the United States of America, Bernard Berelson has criticised democracy with relation to voter apathy with the following, “there are those…

The Different Institutions of Government: Trustee vs. Delegate Functions of Representation




Political science

United States

Voter Turnout

Words: 1047 (5 pages)

In a democratic government, functions of representation can sometimes become skewed or misunderstood. I will examine the different institutions of government including the legislature, the executive, the bureaucracy, and the courts pointing to their differences in trustee vs. delegate functions of representation. My understanding of a trustee is that it is someone in a position…

A Discussion on Noam Chomsky, the Journalist From Mars




Words: 692 (3 pages)

It is true that in this technological advance society, the media control and defines our lives in every aspect. We depend totally on media for the information regarding our day to day affairs but also what is going on around the world. Moreover we trust the media blindly, without questioning the authenticity, impartiality and accuracy….

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