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My Opinion on Why We Study English Lexicology


Words: 636 (3 pages)

My opinion on why we study English lexicology How many words are there in the modern English language? There is no single sensible answer to this question. It is impossible to count the number of words in a language, because it is so hard to decide what counts as a word. But it is widely…

Online Student Registration System


Words: 2309 (10 pages)

Introduction This project is entitled “Exam Registration System” . The Exam Registration system will help in registering student details to issue hall ticket for the exam. This project will help RTUC students to do registration for exams online. It helps the management to conduct the online registration. And the purpose of this project is to…

Information literacy

Information literacy


Words: 702 (3 pages)

            The field of nursing is one of the most important professions in the health sciences.  Information literacy in nursing is a driving force that results in the success of this career, mainly through scholarly activities, healthcare practices and nursing leadership.  It is important that nurse professionals achieve information literacy because this resource generates significant…

“The German Refugee” Short Summary



Words: 746 (3 pages)

“The German Refugee” by Bernard Malamud is a true-to-life story depicting the struggles of many victims, during and after the 2nd World War. This particular story takes place in the USA, Broadway some time during the Polish invasion, 1939. The main characters Oscar Gassner and Martin Goldberg show just how difficult those times must have…

Classical Hollywood Cinema and Italian Neorealism




Words: 882 (4 pages)

Classical Hollywood Cinema and Italian Neorealism were the two different phases that brought out changes in the way we perceive cinema, having an influence on each other and with each having their unique features. Classical Hollywood Cinema dates to the era around 1910s and the 1960s. It was also known as the Golden age where…

Gattaca and 1984 Comparitive Study



Words: 1016 (5 pages)

How has the comparative study of 1984 and Gattaca offered insights into ideas of control and freedom. Control and freedom are both heavily universal aspects to the societies of the late 1900s. The ideas of control and freedom are presented in Nineteen Eighty Four written by George Orwell and “Gattaca” a film by Andrew Niccols….

Painful experiences can sometimes teach valuable lessons Narrative Essay



Words: 753 (4 pages)

            Learning is a joyful experience as the learner comes to know many things he has not known before. As the famous quotation says ‘Knowledge is power’ the learner feels more powerful as he learns more things. Knowledge does not mean just having an idea about something. It is experiencing what one reads in the…

A study of management accounting within McDonalds Corporations






Words: 1731 (7 pages)

McDonalds is the 1 of the largest nutrient service retail merchant in the universe, runing in 117 states and functioning more than 60 million people, it was owned more than 32,000 eating houses globally. Mc Donald operates its concern in any of the three types Franchisee, Affiliate or as a Corporation. Company was founded by…

Coca Cola- a Detailed Case Study

Coca Cola


Words: 9478 (38 pages)

Analysis of the soft drink Industry- The “Coke” side of the story! (Marketing Management End term Report) Acknowledgment I would like to acknowledge and extend my heartfelt gratitude to the following people who have made the completion of this Project possible: Mrs Joyeeta Chatterjee, our Marketing professor for mentoring and guiding this project till its…

Internet Is Helpful to Education More Than Harmful

Online Education Vs Traditional Education

Words: 746 (3 pages)

The Internet has penetrated every field of society and it has become an indispensable channel. It has dramatically changed everyone’s life,especially the ways how we receive educations. With the internet, students are able to take advantages of the huge amount of educational resources online to get educated whenever they want to and wherever they are….

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