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Is it right to kill?

Is it right to kill? Is it right to kill? This ethical question has been asked throughout time, I believe there is no straight forward answer for it, and this a debateable question as it can change according to the situation. Many people have different opinions and views on if killing is right or wrong. …

Zero Contracts Hours

Zero Contracts Hours Introduction Zero contracts hours: Are you for or against them? Zero contracts hours refers to a type of contracts in which employees does not have specific time to carry out the work. In other terms, they are employment contracts where employees are not entitled for any specific time to work. Normally, organizations …

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Essays Database

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What have you learned about statistics?

What have you learned about statistics? Introduction             Statistics can be defined as the practice or science that is concerned with the process of collecting and analyzing the numerical data in both large and small quantities. The process is enacted for the purpose of understanding proportions in complete from those in the representative data. Thus, …

WetSuits PLC

WetSuits PLC Introduction Question 1 A calculation of WetSuits equity beta, cost of equity and WACC. Why is the cost of equity so high? A discussion regarding the suggestion of the junior finance manager and the argument put forward from one of the directors.

Understanding the Deployment of Competitive Intelligence Through Moments of Translation

Understanding the Deployment of Competitive Intelligence Through Moments of Translation Introduction             Competitive intelligence (CI) refers to a tool used for marketing used by business organizations to study the competing surrounding. The process incorporates a determined information gathering based on the operations and other factors considering the competitor that enables proper decision-making of the organization …

The Network Society

The Network Society Introduction Social networks have emerged due to high development of technology and multidimensional processes. Networks can build a strong bond in an organisation because it is made of who share common ideals and ideas. Technology ensures great flow of information hence high rate of communication. Most of the time technology used in …

Tesco PLC – British Multinational Retail Company

Tesco PLC Introduction Every company that that operates in a given environment must be able to achieve its objectives and at the same time be able to deliver value to its customers. Delivery of customer value by a company will ensure success of the company in the long run since it will be able to …

Communities in the Social Media

Does the Availability and Use of Social Media on the Internet Really Provide Businesses With New and Different Useful Information? Introduction             Social media is the collective interaction among people or groups of people where they make, share or exchange ideas via the internet, a system of interconnected computer networks that links billions of devices …

Subsea Oil and Gas Projects Developments

Strategies Introduction Overview  In different subsea oil and gas projects developments, the award of large contracts for a variety of works is undertaken.  Nevertheless, the overall strategy for distributing these contracts to different contractors is the main issue regarding to contracting strategy.

Selling customer information

Selling customer information

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