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Marfan Syndrome: Disorder of Connective Tissue


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Marfans syndrome effects the skeleton, lungs, eyes, heart, and blood vessels. It can also effect men and women of any race or ethnic group. Marfans can have fatal consequences and outcomes. It effects one out of every thousand. Marfans syndrome damages the cardiovascular, musculoskeletal, and ocular systems of a patient. Without proper diagnosis and treatment,…

Effects of Globalization on Infectious Diseases



Words: 3017 (13 pages)

            Globalization is characterized by liberalization of international trade, increased travel between countries and migration, and more exposure to the dominant Western media. Knowledge and technology are now shared at great speeds among people of different nationalities because of the wider availability of Internet connection. Governments around the world have more opportunities to work together…

Merck Executive Summary

Food and Drug Administration

Health Care


Pharmaceutical Industry



Words: 474 (2 pages)

EXECUTIVE SUMMARY Statement of the Problem Merck & Co. , Inc. , a leading pharmaceutical company, faces the threat of the patents of its most popular drugs expiring in 2002. The only way to counter the loss of sales from these drugs going off patent is to develop new drugs in order to refresh the…

Family Description and Structure


Health Care

health sciences

Interpersonal Relationship


social institutions

Words: 1307 (6 pages)

Even though the Agbayani family is of Filipino descent, they can be seen as similar as any other working class nuclear family living in the United States. Reynelyns household and immediate family consist of her father (Rodrigo), mother (Lorna), older sister (Heidi), younger brother (Leo), and herself. Her extended family on her fathers side live…

The Culture of Quality at Arnold Palmer Hospital Analysis



Words: 2669 (11 pages)

Discussion Questions Supply-chain management is the management of the activities that procure raw materials, transform them into intermediate goods and final products, and deliver the products to customers through a distribution system. The supply-chain function’s role is to help identify the products and services that can best be obtained externally; develop, evaluate, and determine the…

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