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Character Analysis of Antigone


Character Analysis

Words: 1694 (7 pages)

Greek drama was written in such a way that the characters are the pivotal aspect of the play. The main characters in Sophocles’ epic play, Antigone, are both very strong personalities, which naturally leads to conflict. Antigone and King Creon both have very intense beliefs and roles in this play that oppose each other, and…

Slavery the Main Cause of the Civil War

Civil War


Words: 375 (2 pages)

Slavery has been a conflict on American soil ever since the writing of the American Constitution when our founding fathers debated whether or not to include slavery in the constitution. But by the mid 19th century a final confrontation broke out when the south seceded to protect their institution of slavery leading to the start…

Utilitarian Arguments



Words: 1687 (7 pages)

I have always been one to side with a utilitarian’s point of view, such as Mill and Bentham. The greatest happiness of the greatest number, or as cold as it may be, sacrificing the few for the good of the many. Utilitarian moral theories evaluate the moral worth of action on the basis of happiness…

The Slave Trade in Colonial Charleston, South Carolina



Words: 2727 (11 pages)

The ways and reasons in which the slave trade in colonial Charleston, South Carolina was so relevant are surprisingly interesting. The slave trade was important economically and capitalistically speaking: the economy highly depended on the slave trade and was literally dominated by it in some states. Besides the economy, other reasons of its importance were…

Act Utilitarianism Is Associated With Jeremy Bentham


Words: 401 (2 pages)

The basic foundation answering what is considered good, would lead to a consequentialist answer that is anything producing a net amount of pleasure or happiness. All people seek happiness so this is the ideal mechanism that determines morality. Utilitarianism is a perspective wherein the fulfillment of the best number of people in the overall population…

To Be an American Is Not Just to Have US Citizenship

American Identity



Words: 983 (4 pages)

What does being an American mean to you? When you search “what is an American” on the internet, it is defined as “relating to or characteristic of the United States or its inhabitants” and “a native or citizen of the United States.” Being an American or having an American Identity doesn’t just mean that you’re…

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