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Coming of Age in Indian Society in Fall of My Mother by Ambai



Words: 813 (4 pages)

“Fall, My Mother” written by Ambai tells the story of the coming of age in a particular Indian society. The passage takes the reader on a journey as a young girl realizes that life as she knows it will never be the same. At the same time the story also highlights the realization every female…

Role of Women in Elizabethan Society



Words: 407 (2 pages)

The Elizabethan women who were commoners would not have attended school or received any formal type of education. Elizabethan women would have had to learn how to govern a household and become skilled in all housewifely duties. Her education would have been purely of the domestic nature in preparation for the only real career option…

Debate on Gay Marriage

Gay Marriage

Words: 1103 (5 pages)

A Debate on Gay Marriage Same-sex marriage has become one of the most argumentative topics in American society. One portion of the population is pro gay marriage, while the other is strongly against it. This continuous argument lead to a debate titled “A Debate on Gay Marriage” where Andrew Sullivan, in “For Gay Marriage”, summarizes…

Vietnamese and pakistani Culture



Words: 931 (4 pages)

What is culture? Culture is set of learned behaviors, beliefs, attitudes, values, and ideas that are characteristic of a particular society or population. In this paper, I will compare and contrast Pakistani and Vietnamese culture. Furthermore, I will discuss what I have learned from this exercise. In Vietnam traditional role of the woman in society…

Gay Marriage Shows Why We Need to Separate Church & State


Gay Marriage

Words: 504 (3 pages)

If members of the church that I served for more than three decades were told I would be writing an article in defense of marriage, they wouldn’t believe it. My reputation was that when people came to me for counsel about getting married, I tried to talk them out of it. More about that later….

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