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The Benefit of Organ Donation

Organ Donation

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If there is one thing that everyone in the world can agree on it is the fact that eventually we are all going to die. Death is going to happen to each and every one of us, and the thought of dying is usually very tragic to most people. It is not knowing what is…

Jahrzehnten ist die transplantationsmedizin


Organ Donation


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1. Einleitung Seit etwa zwei Jahrzehnten ist dice Transplantationsmedizin ein wichtiger Bestandteil unseres Gesundheitswesens. Bei einigen Organversagen stellt sie dice einzige lebensrettende Therapie dar, bei anderen fuhrt sie Zu verbesserter Lebensqualitat und hoherer uberlebenschance. [ 1 ] Die Forschung weckt Hoffnungen und stellt viele Fragen in den Bereichen Medizin, Ethik und Recht. Zu den Moglichkeiten…

You Should Be An Organ Donor


Organ Donation


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By this time tomorrow, 12 people in America who are alive right now will be dead.Not because they were in a car wreck, Not because they were gunned down, Not because their time had come, Not even because they weren’t in the hospital, but simply because they couldn’t be given a life-saving transplant in time.12…

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