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Mary Cassatt Impact and Biography



Words: 1163 (5 pages)

Mary Cassatt was a strong and opinionated feminist, as well as a talented artist who changed her styles significantly through as her interests changed. A. Schooling—-Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts in PhiladelphiaIV. Cassatts Influences and Her Changes in Style3. impressionistic styles and theories2. examples of people who were part of the movementB. Japanese (drypoint) and…

Art as a Political Statement



Words: 1932 (8 pages)

Introduction  Impressionism and Expressionism are two different artistic movements, each happening one century after the other. Impressionism was the first of the two, emerging during the 19th century while Expressionism followed a century later during the 20th century. Impressionism and Expressionism in comparison reflects contrasting qualities. Impressionism is focused on more realistic take on ordinary…

Vincent Van Gogh’s Paintings



Vincent van Gogh

Words: 1584 (7 pages)

Vincent Van Gogh’s PaintingsThroughout Vincent William van Gogh’s artistic career, he was mocked and rejected by intellectuals. An intellectual is defined as “a person who is wellinformed and intelligent, and interested in activities involving the intellect” (World 1,096). By this definition, we can therefore assume that critics of art, would be intellectuals. The viewpoint critics…

The Art Work Proposal



Words: 4811 (20 pages)

             For this installation will be about the focus of the human body through art.  The techniques of modern artists as well as contemporary, classical, and Renaissance will be used to mention a few.  The point of the exhibition is to allow the viewer to witness the changing forms of…

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