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If I Die in a Combat Zone


Words: 1150 (5 pages)

Is the quality of mind or spirit that enables a person to face difficulty, danger, pain, thus, withdrawing a person from the quality of being fearless. Or it can take a turn and possess you and alienate you into making you a coward. Soldiers are the definition of courageous people. Because they are brave individuals…

Moral Development Theory of Carol Gilligan


Words: 890 (4 pages)

As human beings grow we somehow develop the ability to assess what is right or wrong, acceptable or unacceptable. In other words we develop morality, a system of learned attitudes about social practices, institutions, and individual behavior used to evaluate situations and behavior as good or bad, right or wrong. One theorist, Carol Gilligan, found…

Torture and fear in the handmaids tale


the handmaid's tale

Words: 954 (4 pages)

The handmaids tale is a novel by Margaret Atwood, It describes the life of a woman who is documenting her life as it goes on, As the book progresses we are able to see the amount of torture (physical and mental) that the woman of Gilead receive. Offred and other women in Gilead are well…

Freud and Jung: Similarities and Differences in Dream Analysis

Carl Jung

Sigmund Freud

Words: 1909 (8 pages)

Sigmund Freud and Carl Jung: similarities and differences in dream analysis Sigmund Freud and Carl Jung are two renowned psychoanalysts who contributed great work to the interpretation of dreams. Carl Jung began as a student of Sigmund Freud, but upon their first interactions he had doubts about the basis of Freud’s work stemming from a…

Jean Grimshaw’s About Gendered Discipline of Philosophy


Gender Issues


Words: 993 (4 pages)

1. Explain the distinction Jean Grimshaw makes between misogyny and philosophically significant ‘maleness’ of philosophical theories. Jean Grimshaw argues the idea that the discipline of Philosophy is gendered in some way by making a distinction between misogyny and philosophically significant ‘maleness ‘of philosophical theories. The ‘maleness’ of philosophy is characterised by the fact that most…

Exam Stress of Students



Words: 868 (4 pages)

Rahul, a class XII student, is under pressure. His neighbour, Ankit, scored 91 per cent in the Class XII exams a year ago and Rahul’s parents expect him to perform a lot better. this might not be the case for only him. but for many more students. The term ‘exam stress’ can be broadly defined…

Consumer buying behaviour: Fashion industry (uk)




Words: 16430 (66 pages)

Abstract The UK clothing market has huge amount of share in the British people’s consumption and expenditure. This means that British people spend too much on fashion items and the competition in the Fashion Industry is as strong as available statistics implies. Consumer Buying Behaviour has been modeled even at the onset of 60’s but…

Literary Analysis: The Ones Who Walk Away from Omelas




Words: 2362 (10 pages)

Analysis of “The Ones Who Walk Away From Omelas” by Ursula K. LeGuin What is one to make of the city of Omelas? It is a fantastical place so transcendental that the author herself struggles to properly detail its majesty. Omelas has everything— it is beautiful, technologically advanced, and bears no need for organized religion….

My Own Ethics


Words: 501 (3 pages)

A witness had observed a male by a white vehicle grab a little boy by his neck and shove a water bottle into his mouth. The boy gasped for breath before breaking into a scream. As a kid, I was encouraged by the adults in my life to be brave and speak out. I have…

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