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Victory and Defeat According to Clausewitz


International Relations

International security


National Security



Words: 3266 (14 pages)

            In the aftermath of war there is usually one side that emerges victorious while the other raises the white flag of surrender. When the commander of the triumphant side can discern the fluttering piece of white cloth then it is time to meet the leader of the vanquished army in order to discuss the…

Analysis ‘Gee I Wish I Were a Man’




Words: 574 (3 pages)

As of recent decades, advertising has become a vital source of the promotion of goods and services but is equally important the promotion of advertisements. This poster really struck me as a powerful propaganda tool. The poster demonstrates two very important issues that one might not see right away. One issue being what “being a…

The Loneliness of Holden Caulfield


Words: 2044 (9 pages)

The Loneliness of Holden Caulfield in the Catcher in the Rye Abstract: Though controversial, the novel the Catcher in The Rye appealed to a great number of people. It was a hugely popular bestseller and general critical success. The Catcher in the Rye was frequently read as a tale of an individual’s alienation within a…

Sample Action Research Proposal

Educational psychology



Reading Comprehension



Words: 842 (4 pages)

By learning the best comprehension strategies and how to best teach these strategies to the pupils, the researcher hopes to provide the solid foundation needed to succeed . Although the school’s NAT result has meet or exceed its expectation, still the researcher has a thought of a way to improve it. In reading class, the…

Character Analysis of Mary Maloney in Lamb to the Slaughter


Words: 626 (3 pages)

Lamb to the slaughter a short story by Roald Dahl. Is about a woman so upset with her husband she kills him and how she keeps it a secret that she did it from the detectives. I will focus on the character Mary Maloney and how her character changes as the story progresses. At first…

The significance of Slim in ‘Of Mice and Men’

John Steinbeck


Of Mice and Men

Words: 1488 (6 pages)

In the novel ‘Of Mice And Men’ written by John Steinbeck, we are first introduced to Slim, when George and Lennie arrive at the ranch; he is first mentioned when they are both told to “Go out with Slim’s team”, which suggests that he is most probably the leader of a team, which means that…

Axeon N.V. Case Study





Words: 364 (2 pages)

Company Strategy: Axeon acquired three foreign companies in Milan, London and Sweden to take advantage of geographical expertise in these subsidiaries. And the company emphasizes a high degree of decentralization from top-level management. Issue 1: Organization structure – Is Axeon’s current organization structure decentralized? Although decentralization is part of Axeon’s current strategy, however from the…

American Psychologist and Behaviorism



Words: 1450 (6 pages)

Learning helps us to improve our own personal ND social well being, most importantly its helps up to develop our economic world, to improve the lives of those in the underdeveloped worlds. We have an obligation to future generations to continue the work began centuries ago to develop, expand our minds and push out the…

Demographic Trap Observed in China


Human development

Interpersonal Relationship



Words: 324 (2 pages)

Demographic Issues 1. The Demographic trap is when a country is in the stage of transition, when there is a relatively low death rate and still-high birth rate. This is a threat to developing nations because the country’s economic growth ends up being used to support the needs of the booming population. And the over…

Current Counselling and Psychotherapy Practices

Carl Jung


Words: 1202 (5 pages)

Discuss how current counselling and psychotherapy practice emerged from psychiatry and psychology. Use critical evaluation of theoretical evidence to support discussion points. 2, Analyse the similarities and differences between psychotherapy and counselling practices using evidence, aims and objectives relevant to practice and therapeutic need. Counselling and psychotherapy are very different areas of speciality than psychiatry…

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