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Internet-Make People Closer or Further Away?



Words: 303 (2 pages)

The past decade has witnessed an increasingly inseparable relationship between man and Internet. As is vividly depicted in the picture, within a stretching spider web many people are surfing on line, either to entertain themselves or to meet the work’s needs. Actually on-line visiting has become a routine activity in our everyday life. However, it…

Assignment writing phrases





Interpersonal Communication

Words: 681 (3 pages)

Identify three quotes from the dialogue that show how Bryce progressed in identifying his emotions. The three quotes from the dialogue that show how Bryce progressed in identifying his emotions are; “l finally realized nothing I did mattered. I just couldn’t take another rejection. The bottom line is, no one wants me. ” “I feel…

Scanners Price Policy


Words: 572 (3 pages)

Over the years the prices of scanners have dropped drastically both in the home and office. With as little as $89.00 dollars anybody can own a scanner. Although a scanner that is purchased for $89.00 may not have all the features or functions that a $1000.00 scanner may have, for home use it will be…

A Personal Statement About Human-Computer Interaction



Words: 1641 (7 pages)

Being a user experience designer with over six years’ professional experience, I’m currently working for a tech company, focusing on e-commerce solutions. I’m passionate about solving complex human problems by using a combination of skills I’ve obtained from a multitude of domains and translating them into accessible, usable and delightful user experiences. My aesthetic sense…

My Motivation to Learn New Knowledge




Words: 703 (3 pages)

Throughout your life you are bound to learn something new. Keeping the same principle in mind, I think learning is a never-ending process. As life passes by one always feels that one has a lot to learn, and this thought urges me to learn many more things in various fields. In my entire educational life…

Why the NUS Aerospace Engineering Exchange Program Appeals to Me


I Want To Be

Words: 615 (3 pages)

I am a 2nd Aerospace student writing to motivate my application for the exchange program at the National University. The first time I flew to the Netherlands to study Aerospace Engineering was the first time I had sat in an aircraft or been outside North India. New experiences and new destinations also mean new challenges,…

My Desire and Motivation to Improve the Life of Someone in the Field of Cloud Computing

Cloud Computing



Words: 990 (4 pages)

I’ve always been fascinated by research and development, especially work that benefits common people or the environment. The idea that my efforts may better someone’s life in an organizational manner or help create a greener planet motivates me. So after successfully passed every academic milestone in the first division of my education and career in…

How a Trial by Fire Helped Me Overcome My Struggles to Socialize

About Me



Words: 298 (2 pages)

This essay recounts an incident from 2020, during my time as a NSS student coordinator. As a child, my trouble with empathy in conversations didn’t matter much. However, once I started college, my socialization skills started to crumble. This affected my self-esteem and I distanced myself from my peers. The founder of our college –…

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What Is a Technology Essay?

A technology essay is similar to other college essays in that it requires you to construct a persuasive argument based on relevant data and critical reasoning to answer a specific research question. It is a major assignment, similar to any academic essay, that requires you to complete multiple steps before submitting it, including assessing the question, gathering resources, information, and evidence, making a plan (outline), writing the rough draft, editing, and proofreading.

Some crucial elements must be included in a technology essay:

  • a strong thesis statement and a clear introduction
  • properly designed body paragraphs that provide supporting information from scholarly sources;
  • a powerful last paragraph that restates your essay’s topic and highlights the main points and thesis statement

To write a compelling technology essay, you’ll need to demonstrate your knowledge of the subject and use critical thinking abilities to conduct a thorough analysis of a number of academic sources to back up your claim.

Steps in Doing Research for Your Technology Essay Writing

Wondering how to get started? Follow these steps.

1. Find an Technology Topic Idea

Choose a wide topic that interests you and then narrow it down so that you can address it in your technology essay. You could be interested in data mining, for example. Because this is such a large topic, you should focus on one part of it and write about it, for example, basic data mining methods for company or predictive analytics.

2. Making an Outline

After you’ve acquired enough relevant information, you’ll need to organize your thoughts and consider the layout of your technology essay using several brainstorming strategies. You must create a precise outline to assist you in staying focused on the topic you have chosen and working more efficiently. Furthermore, a clear outline can help you avoid writer’s block because you will be able to begin writing your essay from any point in the outline.

3. Body Paragraphs

You must defend, explain, or describe your issue in the body. The amount of body paragraphs in your essay will equal the number of primary points you have established to illustrate your case.

Keep in mind that the general structure of each body paragraph should be the same. Every paragraph in the body of your essay must begin with a topic sentence that gives one point to back up your thesis statement. The next step is to provide some supporting thoughts and provide relevant examples to back up your claim. Make careful to connect supporting concepts and end each body paragraph with a conclusion sentence that connects to the next.

4. Conclusion

You must summarize your overall ideas and provide a final opinion on the topic of your essay in the conclusion. There’s no need to go overboard with your final paragraph. You can summarize your main ideas and restate your thesis in a few forceful lines.

Tips on how to writing technology essay

It’s time to revise and proofread your final copy if you’re satisfied with the substance and logic. You can use the checklist below to help you with your modifications.

  • Make sure you’ve answered all of the elements of the assignment question;
  • Examine the structure of your essay to ensure that it has a distinct beginning, middle, and end. Within each paragraph, look for a framework;
  • Is there a topic sentence in every paragraph? To ensure that each paragraph is connected, look for transition words and transition sentences.
  • Make sure your introduction and conclusion are correct.

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