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Essays on The Gettysburg Address

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The Declaration of Independence and The Gettysburg Address Essay

Declaration of Independence

Gettysburg Address

The Gettysburg Address

Words: 1787 (8 pages)

If a nation does not have effective tools then how will it prosper without them? These five texts all contribute in some way to our nation. Our founding fathers were able to use literature to help us gain our freedom. Our founding fathers use rhetorical strategies, which was a major key to secure our freedom….

Lincoln’s “The Gettysburg Address” Analysis

The Gettysburg Address

Words: 929 (4 pages)

In “The Gettysburg Address” Lincoln gives us an unobtrusive however ground-breaking precedent. The discourse is just 270 words long. Lincoln makes it life-changing utilizing an all-inclusive representation of birth, demise, and revival to expand the intelligibility and effect of his short comments. In “Song of Myself” perfume and atmosphere represented as something without a frame…

The Best Address to the Worst Situation 

The Gettysburg Address

Words: 1008 (5 pages)

Abraham Lincoln’s Gettysburg Address honored the soldiers that lost their lives in the Battle of Gettysburg, which proceeded the address by almost half a year, and reinforced the belief system that the fallen soldiers were fighting for. Within this address, the grounds of the battlefield were to be established as the Soldier’s National Cemetery, but…

Activities Speak Louder than Words

The Gettysburg Address

Words: 824 (4 pages)

In the start of the Gettysburg Address President Abraham Lincoln said to the American people that our Founding Father 87 years prior conveyed to this land another Nation. This Nation comprise of Liberty and the idea that all man are made equal ‘ Four score and seven years prior our Fathers delivered on this mainland,…

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