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The Philosophical Ideas of the Film Matrix

The Matrix

Words: 1629 (7 pages)

The Matrix Recently, we have discussed how we know. Hilary Putnam, American philosopher, developed a thought experiment which has become so popular that it is the basis of blockbuster film The Matrix. In short, the thought experiment calls one to imagine that your brain and the nerves connecting it to your senses has been severed…

Review of the Film “The Matrix”

The Matrix

Words: 456 (2 pages)

The Matrix The movie Matrix (1999) is considered to be a revolutionary film of its time. It has changed the way most action sequences are done especially with respect to fight scenes using bullet time technology. Most memorable of which is the part when the main protagonist Neo, dodges bullets for the first time on…

Plato, Descartes and The Matrix

The Matrix

Words: 611 (3 pages)

Plato, Descartes and The Matrix; what a trio of reading that if not for my ability to read without believing everything that was before my eyes, I would not know what to believe. After reading the three synopses I had to regroup and think, did I read this or was this a dream? I will…

Descartes Skepticism and the Matrix

The Matrix

Words: 1234 (5 pages)

Reality is something that has been debated among philosophers for centuries. Rene Descartes is one of these philosophers who has come up with a unique way of understanding reality. Descartes in Meditations on First Philosophy argues his method of doubt about the idea of skepticism and this is reflected in the Matrix when Neo chooses…

Plato’s and Descartes’ Ideas vs The Matrix

The Matrix

Words: 473 (2 pages)

201320 Spring 2013 PHIL 201-D10 LUO Rodney Peterkin 04/22/2013 Plato, Descartes, and The Matrix Compare and Contrast Essay Liberty University Online The following essay which were I am comparing and contrasting the differences and similarities of the movie The Matrix and Plato’s and Descartes articles. The similarities that all three has is they are all…

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