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Effects of New Media on Traditional Media



Words: 690 (3 pages)

Looking at the impact that new media technology has had on society, there have been both positive and negative influences on the way they have effected traditional media institution. Traditional media is the communication and expression that have existed since before the advent of the new medium of the Internet. Industries that are generally considered…

Cumbia, a Traditional Dance from Colombia



Words: 822 (4 pages)

Cumbia is a traditional form of music and dance originated in Colombia’s Caribbean coastal region; its roots come mainly from Africa, in fact the name of this traditional dance its comes from the African term cumbe which means revelry or party. However, Cumbia is a musical and cultural fusion of Native Colombians, slaves brought from…


Fast Food


Words: 441 (2 pages)

In many countries, traditional foods are being replaced by international fast food. This is having a negative effect on both families and societies. To what extend do you agree or disagree? I am totally convinced by the fact that the increasingly popularity on consumption of fast foods has triggered negative impacts to our daily living-…

Traditional Filipino Serenade Sample



Words: 479 (2 pages)

A harana is a traditional Filipino divertimento. The adult male is accompanied by his friends who back him up both vocally and psychologically. At first. the woman’s window is closed. The adult male calls out to her and if she’s interested. she’ll unfastened her window. The most celebrated Tagalog harana. one that you can still…

Traditional vs. Contemporary Family


Words: 368 (2 pages)

 Traditional vs. Contemporary FamilyDuring the period of industrialization the structure of the family was changed.. Economic activities were transplanted from family businesses to large corporate firms, the nature of work changed from entrepreneurship to employment, thus causing a change in the nature and structure of families.During pre-industrialization families were organized around economic activity. Because individuals…

Effects of Non-Traditional Family Setting on Child Development

Child Development


Words: 688 (3 pages)

Effects of Non-Traditional Family Setting on Child Development Joshi, Heather & Cooksey, Elizabeth C. & Wiggins, Richard D. & McCulloch, Andrew & Verropoulou, Georgia & Clarke, Lynda (2003). Diverse Family living Situations and Child Development: A Multilevel Analysis comparing Longitudinal Evidence from Britain and the United States. Education, Family and Population Dynamics. May 18,…

Shakespeare’s Play Twelfth Night


Twelfth Night

Words: 1403 (6 pages)

In the play, Twelfth Night, Shakespeare illustrates the traditional merry-making and social disorder, which occurred upon the Feast of Fools, or the Twelfth Night of Christmas. It is during this time that the normality and social roles of status was reversed, and thus, overturned, in that servants would become Masters, and Masters, servants. In short,…

Online vs. Traditional Classroom Learning




Words: 843 (4 pages)

Online vs. Traditional Classroom Learning             The latest trend in the twenty first century in education is the online degree program.  According to, “Nearly 3.2 million students were taking at least one online course during the fall 2005 term, a substantial increase over the 2.3 million reported the previous year.”  Pioneers such as University…

Breaking Traditions

Ten Commandments


Words: 850 (4 pages)

Tradition is an important part of everyone’s life. Others hold tradition above everything else. Adults feel that it is very important to follow these established customs and cannot even imagine rebelling against them although they may be hurtful in some ways. They may not even remember the reason for these customs in the first place….

Traditional Bullying



Words: 1611 (7 pages)

Phantasia Crockett Mrs. Otey English 4 March 28, 2013 Cyber Bullying “NO, STOP, DO NOT DO IT, you do not have to kill yourself over someone cyber bullying you”. People today get bullied over the internet. They are often at home and that is basically where the worst things happen. Mostly students get bullied everyday…

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