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The Iran Iraq War and the U.S. 

Iraq War

Words: 1210 (5 pages)

The Iran-Iraq war was a conflict that spanned about eight years which started with the Iraqi army’s cross of the Iran-Iraq border and Iran’s response to this trespass. The leader responsible for the Iraqi intrusion was president Saddam Hussein, his Iranian counterpart was Ruhollah Khomeini. Khomeini propagated the overthrow of the Iraqi government, and instilled…

World War II: Reflection Paper

World War II

Words: 885 (4 pages)

World War II, or the Second World War, was a military conflict that happened globally starting from 1939 and lasting all the way to 1945, which involved most of the world’s nations. According to Laurel Sefton McDowell, “the war years were a period of antagonistic labour-government relations and serious industrial unrest, which labour attributed to…

See You Again in Pyongyan

Korean War

Words: 411 (2 pages)

In See You Again In Pyongyang, author Travis Jeppesen provides a firsthand, in depth insight on the North Korean life during his travels. In a communist country that is fiercely loyal to its leader Kim Jong-un, Jeppesen’s goal is to erase the stereotypes associated with the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (DPRK) through his entries…

Was John Brown a ‘misguided fanatic’?

American Civil War


United States

Words: 713 (3 pages)

John Brown was a misguided fanatic. He was admired by many abolitionists for standing up for the rights. However, was seen outrageous in the eyes of many Southerners. He has went far beyond outrageous and carried out a killing spree in order to prove slavery was wrong. He had a plan, however stirred in a…

War on the Media: News Encircling of the Iraq War

Iraq War

Words: 1301 (6 pages)

Through this study, the research exposed how the media coverage of the Iraq conflict varied by the nation where it was distributed. This particular war has brought new difficulties for various orders: governmental issues, military, diplomacy, universal legislative issues, and media, among others. It included a controversial political debate among nations and areas; it went…

Iraq in War and PTSD

Iraq War

Words: 429 (2 pages)

Iraq had a big part in war and PTSD. Iraq is a country in south-western Asia. It has a small border on the Persian Gulf. “War is a state of usually open and declared armed hostile conflict between a state or nations.” (From the Merriam Webster Dictionary). “PTSD is a psychological reaction occurring after experiencing…

Proxy Wars during the Cold War

Cold War


Words: 569 (3 pages)

In the past, proxy wars have been fought through the use of third parties in order to prevent a full-scale war. During the Cold War, the need to prevent such a full-scale war became extremely important due to the fear of mutually assured destruction. Instances such as the Greek civil war, Korean War, Cuban Revolution,…

Essay About Iraq and Afghanistan

Iraq War

Words: 1562 (7 pages)

The wars in Iraq and Afghanistan are surely something you have heard about. Maybe you have see articles online, heard stories on the television, or, like me, you only knew that it was something that existed. As long as I can remember, there have been U.S. troops in the Middle East. How this never-ending battle…

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