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Weather and Climate Essay



Words: 600 (3 pages)

All areas of all parts of the world have a combination of weather in climate in all areas. However, weather and climate do not have the same definition. The atmospheric change over a short span of time is weather. Meanwhile, climate is how the weather acts over a long period of time. In most places,…

The Perfect Winter Weather



Words: 523 (3 pages)

The weather of an environment affects more than just the color of the skin. It also affects other features like the nose, body size, etc. A few months ago we moved to Hollywood Florida from New York. The reason was – the perfect weather in the winter so we can spend a lot of time…

The Use of Numerical Weather Models for Climate Forecasting  



Words: 1595 (7 pages)

Everyone experiences weather and climate throughout their lives. Over a vast period of time numerous attempts have been made to develop and create an accurate weather and climate predicting model. Such developments have led to various numerical weather predicting models that aids climate predicting models. Our climate changes continuously due to the various interacting components…

Weather and World History


Words: 531 (3 pages)

Humans make decisions that can influence several things in their everyday lives, and these several little choices cumulatively reflect in the direction of their lives. It is enticing, and often reassuring, to assume destiny is controlled by humans. On the other hand, every aspect of our environments cannot be controlled by a human, and human…

Extreme Weather Events in India



Words: 1175 (5 pages)

As heavy downpour, record heat waves and extreme cold waves escalated in the nation over in 2019, the year filled in as another token of how India is one of the nations that are the most defenceless against the effect of environmental change. The year 2019 saw and record extreme climate instances activated by environmental change…

The Harshest Weather Essay


Words: 419 (2 pages)

Do you know what a polar vortex is? Well a polar vortex happens every 5 years for 4 days and really only affects the Midwest and the Northeastern parts of North America. A polar vortex is where the cold air from the North Pole and Greenland move South, but this year if you thought it…

Extreme Weather: An Ever-Increasing Problem


Words: 787 (4 pages)

Every year Billions of people lose their property, their homes and, even their lives to natural weather events across the globe. In extreme cases, whole towns are paralyzed by the unstop-able powers of these weather fueled disasters and the extensive recovery processes can leave these towns devastated for years to come. Although these forces are…

Does the Weather Condition Have Any Effect on People’ s Mood


Words: 1273 (6 pages)

Weather is a short-term climate change. While it is sunny today, it can be rainy, even stormy the next day. There are a lot of weather conditions in the world and these conditions are considered to have some effects on people’s mood. (Widmer, Bill, “Lifehack”) Unlike some people who are the opposite of this idea,…

Weather Disasters Essay

Natural Disaster


Words: 1162 (5 pages)

Introduction Weather disasters on Earth have occurred long before humans walked the Earth. I am sure that when Earth was young, weather disasters would have been much more extreme and violent. During the Jurassic era and times before we came along in the early ages of mammals, it was said to be very hot here…

Severe Weather Essay

Natural Disaster


Words: 514 (3 pages)

Severe weather can cause extremely bad damage to homes, cars, buildings, trees, and much more. In extreme weather conditions like this, one must be prepared for what is coming towards them in order to survive. Sometimes one must pack their things and evacuate, or stock up on supplies like water, food, and blankets. Some very…

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