Essay on disadvantages of fast food in hindi Essay

The Food pyramid was designed as an easy way to show groups of food and how many servings should be eaten. This helps you keep a healthy diet and keep your body in shape. The pyramid shape helps to explain the different amounts of the groups that are needed. Most children need to eat the smaller serving size because they smaller than adults. Children who are in sports should have more then the smaller number because their body will need more energy to participate.

Bread group -bottom of pyramid -need most of -get source of carbohydrates – body uses it as major energy source -also get vitamin B and iron Example

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Count as 1 serving each -one slice of bread -1/2 cup of cooked rice or paste -1/2 cup of cooked cereal -1 ounce of cold cereal (cup of dry) -1/2 bagel(small) Of English muffin (NY bagel 4-servings Of bread) VegeTABLE group -toward bottom of pyramid -important part of diet -lots of vitamins and minerals carrot and spinach vitamin A -tomatoes and cauliflower vitamin C provides carbohydrates and fiber -fiber helps digestive system Example Count as 1 serving each -112 cup of chopped veggies(cooked) -1 cup raw veggies -3/4 cup veggie juice Fruit group -near bottom -important -provides lots of vitamins – pep you feeling good and looking good -vitamin C and A are in a lot of them good source of crabs and fiber Example Count as 1 serving each -1 medium- sized apple, banana, or orange -112 cup cooked or canned fruit -1/2 cup of fruit juice (real fruit better than juice) Milk group -high on pyramid -don? T need a lot -provide calcium and protein -helps grow strong bones -important when child Example Count as 1 serving each -1 cup of milk -1 cup of yogurt -1 h – 2 ounces of cheese Protein group -high on pyramid -don? Need a lot – provide with protein -gives energy -helps grow strong Example Count as 1 Irving each -2-3 ounces of cooked lean meat poultry of fish -1 egg, h cup cooked dry beans -4-6 TABLEspoons of peanut butter Fat group -not really a ? Group? -very top of pyramid -body still needs them only a little -gives you quick energy -not too much important nutrients -loaded with calories -use sparingly -can cause cavities Terms Free(sodium free)- food contains only tiny amounts of fat, saturated fat, sodium, sugar, cholesterol, or calories per serving Good Source- one serving of food provides between 10% to of the Percent Daily Value of a specific nutrient Low sodium-one serving of the DOD contains 140 milliards of sodium or less Low cholesterol-one serving of the food contains 20 milliards of cholesterol or less.

It also means that it contains 2 grams or less of saturated fat Low fat-one serving of the food contains 3 grams of fat or less Reduced(reduced fat)-one serving of food contains 25% less fat, saturated fat, sodium, sugar, cholesterol, or calories per serving than the regular version of the food Light (or elite)-one serving of food contains 50% less fat per serving than the regular version Eating disorders Binge Eating is different from other eating disorders. Anorexia nervous, bulimia nervous, and binge eating disorder affect thousands of teens across America. These disorders have similarities and differences.

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