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Essay- Go To The Gym

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annonThere are many health conscience people today. Many of thesepeople also enjoy working out in the gym. There are three groups ofpeople that go to the gym. These groups are “The one timers”, “Thebuddies only”, and “The dedicated”. There is the groupof people who are considered “The one timers”. This is the group ofpeople who are trying to be health conscience. Often this is the group ofpeople who make it a New Year resolution to make there life healthy.

There first step is to get a membership at a gym.

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Essay- Go To The Gym
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The first step isusually followed through. “The one timers” often make it to the gym theday after they join and do not return due to the lack of motivation. Thenthere is the group who are known as “The buddies only”. These are thepeoplewho join a gym only if they know someone who has a membership at the samegym. This is often due to the thought that working out alone would not bemotivating and boring.

“The buddies only” is a large majority of thosewho are at a gym. Many people en joy working out with a companion andwill only go to the gym with another “buddy”. The most health consciencegroup of all is “The dedicated”. This is the group of people who will goto the gym no matter what conditions. These people have a set schedul eto go to the gym in their life. “The dedicated” have plenty of motivationand could care less to go with a “buddy”. This is often the most admiredgroup in the gym. Being health conscience seems like an easy part of lifebut not everyone can be “dedic ated”. When it comes to going to the gymthere are many excuses that a person may have. Within the three groupsthere are only two groups that people want to belong to. These two groupswould be “The buddies only”, and “The dedicated”.

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