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Human Resource Manager’s Role

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    From a human resource manager’s viewpoint, their role focuses on managing, recruiting, and developing their organization for success from the inside out. Their role is pivotal in managing their most important asset: employees and in doing so, their job causes them to be knowledgeable with every human resource discipline.

    Human resource managers are responsible for developing strategic solutions to employment-related matters that affect the organization’s ability to meet its productivity and performance goals (Mayhem, n. . ). Some of these human resource actions that manger’s will impact are compensation and benefits, employee training, workplace safety, employee relations, and recruitment and selection.

    Create a human resource management strategy for the retail store. According to the Society of Human Resource Management (SHIRR), an HRS strategy means a system of human resource practices for a particular job or collection of jobs aimed at the best employee performance possible to meet the firm’s ultimate goals (Wright, 2008).

    Human resource strategies are best planned and executed for a specific job or a set of jobs (Wright, 2008). In this case, for a traditional retail store recruiting, training, and compensation will need to be measured when creating a strategy. The strategy will also have to build customer service skills and behaviors to aid in the staffing for adequate sales support. The first thing I would do in creating a human resource management strategy for this retail store is to align the business with its human resource needs.

    This means understanding the overall industry, goal, and business model. With this understanding, the human resource department is able to identify business strengths and weakness. In this case, the weakness looks to be obtaining quality staff to keep up with the changes in specialization and convenience for customers when making purchases. It will be important for the strategy to focus on this weakness in order to have a competitive advantage within the retail industry. The next step I would do is identify critical issues, determine the impact, and develop a strategy to overcome them.

    As stated earlier, quality staff and keeping up with industry changes seem to be an ongoing issue; along with the viability of the current hiring practices taking place. These issues have negatively impacted daily operations and the staff has started to question the hiring policies. A great tool to use in order to overcome these challenges would be for the human resource manager to perform a job analysis. A job analysis is a procedure through which you determine the duties of the positions and the characteristics of the people to hire for them (Job Analysis and Strategic HARM, 2011).

    This would be useful because it will clearly define a job description, provide a clear picture of the qualities you need in a candidate to do the job, and answer the questions related to the tools, equipment, and materials needed to perform the job (Job Analysis and Strategic HARM, 2011). The added benefits are that it can help with determining the training that is required to do the job, developing effective job evaluations, and set performance standards. In this retail scenario, it will help the human resource manager align recruiting, hiring, and training efforts to meet the industry changes.

    It will also help redefine the roles within the workplace for the employees. After identifying the key issues and performing a job analysis, my next step would be to gather the information and develop a plan of action for implementing the human resource strategy. It would be imperative to set up a time line for successful completion, set milestones, and communicate the plan to managers and stakeholders. It would also be essential to provide managers with options on ways that they can implement the strategy within their departments.

    This will not only help them communicate the strategy to their direct employees, but it will also assist in gaining acceptance of the new plan. Finally, would communicate and advertise the plan to the organization so that the employees are aware of the strategy and understand how it will impact them. In this case, the employees are the prime point of contact between the business and its customer base. If they do not understand the direction of their company and what their role is, they will not be able to represent the organization well.

    This would be the stage in which the training would start to take place and an employee handbook of all of the human resource policies (including the hiring policy), redefined job descriptions, and training and development plans would be given to everyone in the organization. This way everyone will be able to see, ear, and read about the new strategy and how they as individuals can benefit from it on a personal level. Distributing and communicating this information helps gain acceptance and ensures compliance throughout the store.

    Propose three (3) methods to improve the human resource functions at the retail store. In order to improve the human resource functions in the retail store, the organization should improve their methods of communication, training, and process transparency. Effective communication encourage goal-setting, limit turnover, increase competencies and develop skill levels (None, 2011). When it comes to the retail industry, some of the biggest challenges are that employees are unaware of the changes that can take place whether it be related to daily operations or training.

    The effects of excellent communication can improve relations between employee and employers, boost employee morale, and keeps employees engaged with their company. All of these effects help maintains some sort of consistency with retail employees despite the ever-changing environment around them. Training is also a very key factor when it comes to improving the human resource function in a retail store. Training can be difficult in the retail industry because of the high rate of employee turnover.

    However, by improving this human resource function, employees will feel more equipped to complete tasks, provide better customer service, and the organization will see a more positive reaction from employees and business. Improving this function will also aid in developing employees and deter them from leaving the organization. When employees feel more engaged in the organization, they are more likely to stay. As for business, seeing the same face in a retail store can help build customer loyalty.

    The final human resource function that can be improved in a retail store is total process transparency for the employees. In this case, employees question hiring practices and do not understand the specific roles of management. The best solution would be to distribute the hiring policy and training and development plans for each position so that employees understand the equal approach that is taken with every hire. These policies should be distributed in the beginning of the working relationship and should be accessible at any time.

    It will be important for hiring managers to have the information as wells so that they can protect and explain the approach of the human resource department and organization to their subordinates. Recommend any needed changes to the organizational structure of the retail store from a human resource management perspective and explain your recommendation. From a human resource management perspective, the organizational structure of the retail store should include a store manager, assistant manager, shift or department supervisors, and sales employees.

    In this case, it seems that there are some questions relating to the viability of the current hiring practices and the human resource manager’s role. To overcome these questions, the recommendation would be to establish a panel interview process for every potential employee that would include the department, assistant, store manager. A human resource representative would also be present to audit the process, but would not have specific authority to weigh in on if they should be hired or not. The questions would be standardized and a point value would be given based on heir answer to the questions.

    Afterwards the managers would review their point values, add them up, and collectively discuss their views on the potential hire based on their points. In order to be hired, they must receive a specified score collectively from all three managers. All of this would be documented, filed, audited by the human resource department for auditing purposes. This recommendation would be helpful in overcoming the stigma about the hiring practice and it would aid in setting the hiring standard throughout the organization.

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