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Kite runner genre

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  • Pages 4
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    This book focuses on the theme of kindness and how individuals can attempt to determine their own destiny by the way that they act towards others. Throughout the Kite Runner there are many events that occur where the characters are faced with difficult situations and often the outcome of the situation is a result of the action they chose to take or not take, and other times the result of their destiny is out of their control. The book begins with Emir and Hosannas playing together. The book shows that as they begin to grow up, their friendship also becomes complicated.

    The role of kindness does play a large role when individuals attempt to determine their own destiny. Karma, what goes around comes around, is an apparent theme throughout this novel and throughout every day life. The idea of karma is the idea that how you act towards someone will catch up to you. For example, if you treat someone with respect and you are positive, then the world will return the respect and positivist to you. The first time it is evident that kindness plays a role in determining destiny is when Emir finds Hosannas in the alley being raped by Safes and his friends.

    Emir is faced with two choices, the first one being to intervene and save Hosannas, or to run away and protect himself. He chooses the second option. Once he chose to respond to the situation in this way, his relationship with Hosannas was completely changed. Emir chose to ignore the situation altogether, and because of this; his friendship with Hosannas was lost. If Emir were to have acted with kindness and possibly intervened in the situation, his relationship with Hosannas would have been different. Once Hosannas moves away with All, Emir experiences feelings of loss, regret and loneliness.

    For a long time he is very unhappy and Baby treats him coldly. This is an example of karma catching up to Emir. Near the end of the book, when Emir finds out Hosannas was actually his brother, he feels a sense of disappointment and anger towards himself, because he should not have let his brother go through being raped. In order to make his wrong right, he find Hessian’s son at the orphanage and adopts him, and treats him exceptionally. Emir might have done this because he felt like it was the only way he could repay his loyalty to Hosannas and this allows Emir to finally put the past to rest.

    The second time kindness plays a role in determining destiny is when Baby is on the truck leaving Kabul and he stops the woman from being raped by the Russian solider. Baby said, “ask him where his shame is-?” to which the solider responded “_this is war. There is no shame in war. ” _ After arguing with the Russian soldier, Baby finally wins and the woman does not have to “pay the price” to travel in the truck. Later on in this chapter, a man dies but Baby and Emir safely make it to California. This could have possibly been a result of

    Baby protecting the lady and acting with kindness towards her. Once they arrive in California, Baby gets a job working at the gas station, and although this can be viewed as unfortunate because he went from being extremely rich to working at the gas station, he was still able to get a job, which can be seen as karma working in his favor. There is an exception to every rule and the exception to the rule that kindness Can determine destiny, is Hosannas. He is a loyal Hazard and acts with nothing but kindness towards Emir and his acquaintances.

    When Hosannas s trapped in the alley with Safes, who is trying to steal the kite from him, he says “_Emir gag won the tournament and I ran this kite for him. I ran it fairly. This is his kite_. I’ Safes responds by saying, “_A loyal Hazard. Loyal as a dog. _ Here it is apparent that Hosannas is using kindness and loyalty, but this does not affect his destiny because he still gets raped, which damages him for the rest of his life. Near the beginning of the book Emir recalls, “Hosannas came out of the womb smiling. ” During the time he is alive, Hosannas treats people with aspect, honesty and loyalty.

    However, this does not save Hosannas from being raped by Safes and his friends. Although Hosannas treats everyone with kindness, he still ends up being killed by the Taliban, which shows that sometimes the way individuals act can not determine their destiny. The Kite Runner shows many examples of kindness and destiny and how they are interconnected in some cases, and in other cases are not. This book focuses on the idea of karma and how it treats you the way that you treat it. Kindness determined destiny when Emir failed to intervene when Hosannas was n trouble, which caused his destiny to have feelings of loneliness and regret.

    When Baby saved the woman from being raped, his destiny was in his favor and he safely made it to California and was able to make a living there. Destiny was not determined by kindness when it came to Hosannas because although Hosannas did everything in his power to treat people fairly and stray away from trouble, he still suffered many consequences. The Kite Runner displays the idea that although sometimes individuals can have the power to choose their destiny, it is often determined by a greater power.

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