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Essay – Marxist View

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Marxist sees ‘all social institutions as serving the interests of capitalism’. This including the family, it suggests that they help to maintain and justify capitalism by reinforcing class inequality and exploitation from the rich. Another opinion on this is the functionalist approach in which they think the family performs the essential needs of the society. Both Marxist and functionalist ideas contrast as functionalists see society based on value consensus in which everyone agrees whereas Marxists believes that there is an unequal balance of classes.

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Essay – Marxist View
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The family play an important part for the market of consumer goods. This being due down to the advertisers being in competition with one another to sell their products. It also increases competition between families to keep buying all the latest gadgets and appliances. Typically adverts target children by in which they bother their parents into buying more things and spend money on them. This is one of the ways in which Marxist say that the family serves capitalism because the family generates profit for it from such things as adverts and commercial.

The way children are able to get what they want is through “pester power. ” As well as adverts, children have begun to pester their parent to purchasing items which are rather a want than a need it when the parent first decline the child behaviour but then give in as their child are embarrassing them. They also say that capitalism exploits the labour of workers and making a profit by selling the products made from their labour for more than it costs them to produce.

From a Marxist perspective the family performs ideas and believe that the family ‘socialising the children into accepting hierarchy’ and inequality between the bourgeoisies and the proletariats. However Functionalist believe that no matter what hierarchy the children are born into, their shouldn’t feel disappointed, from their upbringing. On the other hand Functionalist believe that ‘family fit’ consists throughout society and has initial functions for society a reason for this it provides mutual and emotional support of satisfaction for workers.

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