The Difference Between Right and Wrong

I believe that moral values, being the difference between rights and wrongs are always traced back in ones religion and they always exist within ones self not in media. The conduct of human beings living in societies which include inward activities like motive and desire as well as outward activities like speech and movements of the doer’s limbs is judged to be right or wrong, to be good or bad by Personal ethics-the set of ones ethical commitments usually given early home or religious training and often modified by later reflections.

In the support of this claim let me take u 1500 years back, before Islam illuminated the minds of the people, what were Arabs doing at that time? They use to kill their daughters mercilessly burying them alive, sold their women, drank themselves senseless, rebelled against their rulers, gambled, name any sin and it can be traced back to their lives. Practicing those sins and elevating them to the highest levels of reverence and pride was widespread tradition and in the court of moral values this is called true moral values deterioration.

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As you all know ladies n gentlemen, there was no such presence as media in those dark times. The world was constrained and people lived with no communication with the rest of mankind. As it is said that the correct explanation is the simplest one, likewise here the Reason was being just DISTANCED FROM THE RELIGION. Because history reveals that it was just one religion Islam that change the whole coarse of moral values afterwards. The ironical twist, the only thing man learned from history is that nothing can be learned from history.

What I see even today, Man while fighting his war of status, in the urge of getting more than others have, knowing more than others do and ruling the others of his own kind, is blind enough to use religion as a weapon. Desolately, I see the grounds of moral value deterioration, still the DISTANCE FROM THE RELIGION, for the reason that no religion teaches terror campaign and intimidation. Even today our youth is being exploited on the name of religion, even in this flood of knowledge era prestigious concepts of Muslims are being misinterpreted. People are isguided in the fantasy of heaven-Heaven a place that is meant to be in possession of those who love Almighty’s creation, by endeavoring peace not devastation! As it’s the famous proverb “Jaanat mar kay jannat kadi”(Slayer of Mothers of a nation-who symbolize heaven-can never get a place in heaven). Therefore, ostensibly spiritual and technically devil-MAN is hoodwinked by MAN, unaware of his own benefit or loss, he is deluded for other’s interests. And in fact it is nothing but the devil inside man that is taking him out of the collective tribe to his individual benefit’s race!

Any particular thing cannot be labeled as evil merely for its face value, such judgmental approach towards any idea spells nothing but disaster. In the chaotic atmosphere of today’s world, if the media strives to play any role that is to re-track the deteriorated moral values. Here let me raise one question who created media and for what? It was man who actually created media just to know what is happening around him, to magnify the perfections and errors of the society and media is doing nothing but fulfilling its responsibilities .

Its magnifying both the rights and wrongs of the society, the fault lies in our perception-it loses attraction when it magnifies our wrong deeds and when it highlights the corruption and immorality in the society, we say that media is deteriorating our moral values! come on if media shows bikers and wheelers as the heroes of today’s young generation, we criticize it badly and when it shows the sad ending -a terrible accident that lead the biker to a ghastly death?

We just flip the channel away because how many times we can have fun seeing a biker dying? Is it just then to put the blame on media for our wrong interpretations? Ask yourself that if someone tells you that it is okay to lie about something, would that be all enough to start lying? Does that actually make you satisfied? Answer is simply NO because you know that it is wrong by the source of your religion and this moral value exist within yourself. True but paradoxical, as no one among the humans can claim that I haven’t tell a lie in my whole life!

Even knowing this basic moral values Man violate it every now and then just for his own needs. Yes, man is deteriorating his moral values just for his wordy needs! And this is what human nature is, so was it from the advent of mankind. The first human murder, Habeel killed his brother Kabeel just in love of a girl, clearly speaks in proof of this argument! For the record moral values always exists within one self’s and one’s religion,no media is powerful enough to make or deteriorate them.

The tremendous amount of information flow which is possible in the modern world which has turned into a global village, the mass communication which is possible offering the human race to merge from across the globe; this is viable only due to the profound influence of media through television, internet, news papers and magazines. The choice is ours whether to make it a blessing or a curse but man today have been caught in a spider web too twisted in his own faults to be untangled easily! I believe that the line between right and wrong is still very clear and its man who just needs reasons and blames to put over and go across borders.

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