Movie Review (Silicon Valley)

Nevertheless, it manages to capture the essence of how much of modern computing came to be: the cluelessness of Xerox about hat its own computer scientists were doing; Steve Jobs’ artistic vision at Apple; and Bill Gates’ ruthless business practices at Microsoft. This is a must see picture as it shows how Bill Gates “borrowed” the whole concept of Windows from Steve Jobs, and turned it into his own program to monopolize the world of computer programming. After all, the two technology wizards dueled for the top spot for years.

Sometimes they were partners, sometimes they were opponents; but, through it all, they constantly challenged each other like rivals. -The movie does suffer from several historical inaccuracies. I believe that at least some of those inaccuracies were deliberate–attempts to oversimplify the historical record in order to shorten the length of the movie. It was a great depiction of the rise to power of Microsoft headed by Bill Gates. For example, the movie makes it appear that Apple’s first attempt at a computer with a modern graphical user interface–the Lisa–was a tremendous success, when in fact it was a commercial failure.

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The story is somewhat standard but filled in with cool details that keep it interesting Jobs as a deadbeat Dad; Gates itching his product to IBM (the IBM guy actually thinks all the money is in the hardware! ), and the late-night screaming matches between Jobs and Gates. But portraying it as a success made it simpler to explain why Bill Gates got interested in dealing with Apple at that time. -Many people may not “get” it properly due to their age, unfamiliarity with the characters, or general indifference to computers and stories involving them. For me, however, a computer enthusiast who was born in 1971 , this movie is simply inspiring.

I remember much of it and it felt right on. I thought this movie was well- ritten, well-acted, and greatly entertaining. It gave me a thrill to think of being at Apple when it started up. also loved seeing the machinations that made Bill Gates rich and infamous. Sure they likely distorted facts and embellished things a lot, but such things are needed sometimes to make historical movies entertaining. – Both Anthony Michael Hall and Noah Wyle put forth good performances and the plot is intriguing. I’ve learned that certain companies become more dependent on others to help them develop their own company like what Bill Gates did to Apple.

With the exception of he intensely wanderer Mr. Di Maggio (as Balmer), the other actors were, in my humble opinion, wonderful and Mr. Hall was positively spooky as Bill Gates. I must agree with a previous writer who said it should have been made a six-hour mini-series; even then, many things would have been left out by time constraints. The subject is very interesting. I love the way both Steve and Bill act out in the film. Although some of the words may have come out bitter, Jobs and Gates admired and respected each other’s work and ingenuity.

However unfortunately the film could not conduct the hard efforts they put in heir professional and personal lives. I saw the film once but I think some scenes were redundant and could have been left out and replaced with Bill or Steves’ inspiring actions or competitions. Imagine this film, when you feel from the very beginning a film that makes you forget about the ugliness of world, a film that provide you the whole range of emotions, a film that makes you think, a film that makes you feel stunningly and magically wonderful and a film which lets you travel way back to days where history happens between two outstanding heroes.

Despite a eally good job by all the actors in this film, this film never leaves the realm of the overdramatic after-school special. It is also an excellent portrayal of the strange and often unbelievTABLE circumstances surrounding the creation and eventual marketing of personal computers. In my first thought, I thought that both sides were going to show there infairness to one another by developing their own company with no distractions. Also, for me, Microsoft never stole anything from Apple. In the movie, Jobs gets angry with Gates, claiming they took their software, changed a few things, and called it their own.

But yet currently, their OS is built on FreeBSD, something they didn’t even make. The fact is the idea for a GUI had been floating around for ages, Apple made it first, but Gates was working on something similar at the same time. You cannot copyright ideas because it’s not fair, if so, Apple wouldn’t be TABLE to use it either. noticed that some scenes wherein the director should cut because it’s somewhat uncensored when Balmer and Bill Gates where together in a casino. also noticed that this movie is based on the excellent book “Fire in the Valley: The Making of the Personal Computer”.

However, hat book was published in 1984, and this movie covers events slightly farther in the future. Many of the information were shared to each other. In fairness, back in those days computers were used mainly by scientists, the military, and mathematicians. To Jobs’ credit and all the efforts he made, he understood immediately what he has shown at the Xerox PARC center, and the rest, as they said, is history. This movie did an excellent job explaining the starting of Microsoft and Apple. The downside is many interesting facts have been left out. The writers never mentioned why IBM made a personal computer.

They did because almost every other computer related company was building computers. “It’s more fun to be a pirate than to join the navy. ” For some reason, I remembered what Steve Jobs said in his own career as a profession back in the days when he was still young, it’s better to be a pirate rather than being walking on like you’re one of the marines. I must say however, that Pirates of Silicon Valley is brilliant. Every aspect of the movie appeals to me. Its visual style, its pacing, its characters, its humour, and most engrossing: it’s history. knew much of the parallels between Bill Gates and

Steve Jobs already and was pleasantly surprised to see much of the facts that were reproduced. So, overall, this movie has become a classic to me. This movie had a huge impact in my life. Before the iPod came out, before even thought of pursuing computer engineering, and while was studying Information System, this is one of the movies that truly educated me in the Computer industry. I would likely to recommend other computer developers to watch this film so that, they may too, will understand how history was made throughout those years between Steve Jobs and Bill Gates.

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