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Essay – MS Powerpoin

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(1) I needed scaffolded help when I was learning MS Powerpoint for the first time. My teacher taught the function of each command icon and how to use animation for the presentation.

I understood what needed to be done and the concepts behind it as my teacher demonstrated how to do it. After the discussion, he asked us to make our own presentation. I was able to make text boxes and color the texts, but I needed more help in using animating effects for the presentation.

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Essay – MS Powerpoin
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So my teacher guided me by demonstrating again how to do it. In the end, I was able to memorize the different functions of the commands available in MS Powerpoint and get used to the environment of the software. (2) Scaffolding offers a number of advantages. First, it provides clear directions as the instructor assists the student in the learning process. It also clarifies the purpose of the lesson and the importance of learning it, which keeps the student motivated.

It also offers assessment to determine whether the learner is on the right track, which reduces uncertainty, surprise, and disappointment of both the instructor and the learner. This is especially useful for students with low self-esteem and learning disabilities. It allows the teacher to give positive feedback on their achievement. This could also minimize the level of frustration for the learner and the instructor. In addition, scaffolding keeps the learner engaged in the lesson or task (Van Der Stuyf, 2002). Although it offers many advantages, scaffolding has a number of disadvantages as well.

As scaffolding is individualized, it could be extremely time-consuming and its implementation in a large class would be challenging. The implementation of scaffolding may also require a teacher to be properly trained for it to be effective. In scaffolding, the teacher needs to give up some of the control and allow the students to commit errors, which could be difficult for the teacher. However, despite the disadvantages, the positive impact of scaffolding on learning and development is very apparent (Van Der Stuyf, 2002).

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