My Vacation to Langkawi Island with My Family

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The author went on vacation with their family to Language Island for 4 days and 3 nights. They arrived in the evening and went straight to ride the Cable Car, which was scary but exciting. They had dinner at a seafood restaurant and did some window shopping afterwards. On the second day, they went on a boat tour around Language Island and swam at a private island. They also did some shopping for souvenirs and items that were cheaper than usual. On the last day, they went back home to Juror Barr with unforgettable memories and thanks to their family for the trip.

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My vacation to Language Island with my family Sulfanilamide, On previous holidays, my family and have been traveling to the island of Nanking. We were there for 4 days and 3 nights. Before we were on holiday there, my mom and dad were on vacation Asked first. When they had been there, me and my other family members went to vacation on the island of Nanking. We arrived in island in the evening. We did not check in the hotel first, but we went to first destinations our is Cable Car. The cable car has three Stops destination that we had to through.

It’s quite scary when we rode it. We had use the cable car to climbing up and down. After we went to Cable car, we rested ourselves and pray at hotel. In night, we dinner together at Delegate Seafood Restaurant. This restaurant provide westerns food, Arabian food and Malay food. We ate a lot of food that my parents ordering to us. After we finished our dinner, we take a chance to window shopping and walking at row of shops that have in there. A lot of shops, sell souvenirs, clothes, beg and many things that can we buy to give to other people.

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But in first day, we just survey and window shopping before we decide to buy it. In the second day, we breakfast at the hotel and started our journey at Language Island. My brother-in-law had already booking our boat to go around in Language Island. The islands that available in Language island is like “Pula Status”, “Guy Bubby”, Gorilla Island, Lady Island and a lot island that have in there. But in we also went to swimming at Private island. This island can we swimming but have a time that we can swim at there. We finished our day with tour all island at Language.

In third day, my sister already to shopping things that she wanted to give her friends. At Language Island, the price for the chocolate, clothes and souvenirs is cheaper and there have duty shop that we can bought chocolate, cigarette and perfume. But for me, I just bought some chocolate for my friends and some clothes for me to wear to class. And for the last day, we going back to Juror Barr. The memories that I have in there, cannot forget it and I always remember our laugh and Story in my heart. Thanks a lot to my parents and my family member that bring me to there and spent my time with them.

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