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Essay Neurological Sports Injuries

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Horror story of sports injuries begins with a young man by the name of Austin Trenum. He was only 17-years-old when misery struck him while playing a football game. Austin’s final play left him with a serious concussion. He got up from the play showing no signs of a brain injury. Austin’s parents took him to the emergency room just to ensure there was no need for further treatment. They were advised not to allow Austin to do anything except (bed rest to rest his brain) for forty eight hours.

Since Austin showed no symptoms, his parents allowed him to participate in hunting activities, to go to a party, and to play video games because Austin assured them he was fine. For no apparent reason at all, Austin went upstairs two days later and hanged himself in his room. There was nothing in his life, in his character, no depression, or any mental problems. He was a bright, popular, well liked young man with future plans.

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Essay Neurological Sports Injuries
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There was nothing that preceded or showed signs after his injury to suggest that he even had thoughts of suicide. His concussion affected the part in his brain that affects judgment and impulse control. Proof of this came when his parents donated his brain to be studied for any useful knowledge that would prevent this from happening to any other family. The most important fault to his injury was his parents didn’t protect him from further damage and heed the warnings. “I never realized they were traumatic brain injuries.” said Gil Trenum about his son’s concussion. (White 2011) Just this past year there was a case of an athlete suffering a serious brain injury that was brought to the forefront here in the Central Louisiana area. The athlete, Josh Mercer, who at the time of the initial injury was a junior at Alexand.

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