on Bodybuilders Essay

Estes 1 Kaylee Estes Mrs. Douglass AP Literature 21 April, 2010 The documentary Baby Faced Bodybuilders follows three teenagers of ages 17,15, and 13 and vividly captures their routines and motives for bodybuilding obsession. The documentary uses emotional appeal to draw in an audience of all ages and reveal motivation to stop underage bodybuilders and their harmful and deleterious life routines. Interviews with the teens, as well as their friends and family, involve the audience’s sympathy towards the hardships of this lifestyle.

Beginning the documentary, each teenager discusses their motives for beginning their journey to bodybuilding. Their stories contain personal information that draws the audience in, and soft, sad music is played in the background. This strategy is appealing to pathos, allowing those watching to feel sympathy with the teens and to create the feeling of familiarity towards the three main characters. As the video progresses, scenes show the daily routines of the teenagers in their quest for “perfect” bodies.

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Seventeen year old, Danny, explains his diet of strictly fish and rice cakes and the set times of the day he has to eat. He also mentions his lack of weekend fun that normal teenagers take part in because of his life dedication. Once again, the audience is forced to feel sympathy because of this boy’s abnormal lifestyle. Danny’s mom is interviewed and she talks about Danny’s past. She holds a picture of him and cries while she states that he was given an opportunity to play Rugby professionally, but turned it down to be a bodybuilder.

This singled out situation expresses the pain and separation that bodybuilding can cause a family. Many explicit scenes are emphasized in the video, such as the drinking of dry wine to dehydrate oneself and passing out and having to go to the hospital. These scenes are hard for an audience to watch causing hard feelings. Once again, the fact that bodybuilding is dangerous is proven through the evidence of the documentary. More facts about the effects of bodybuilding are stated through the video.

These effects include: infertility, stunted growth, stroke from dehydration, and heart problems. A portion of the documentary is singled out for facts in order to accentuate the dangers of the bodybuilding conduct and its effects on those who take part in them. An article by Deborah (Phd) states that early bodybuilding can cause early development of the Estes 2 epiphysis(When Bodybuilding and Steriods Go Too Far, pg 1). These facts conclude and summarize the big picture of the documentary by defining a clear argument being presented.

The documentary, Baby Faced Bodybuilders, is presented in an effective manner to educate and appeal to the audiende about the problems of bodybuilding. Through the use of pathos, facts, and personal interviews, the strong argument is clearly exposed and leaves a lasting effect on viewers of all ages. Bodybuilding is an increasing, yet, ignored issue in, not only the United States, but surrounding nations as well. This documentary provides the perfect combination of content to inform and encourage others to take action towards stopping the conflict.

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