on Divorce Essay

A divorce or separation is undoubtedly a very emotional and stressful process for everyone involved. There are many different reasons for divorce, including sexual relations with another person, abuse, and abandonment. The best metaphor as far as divorce is concerned is “death.

” The partners experience the end of missed opportunities and unrealized hoped. As a result, going through this process affects both the moral and material states of a family. In most cases, divorces devastate the investments of at least one divorcing party. To have a good future, many things should be taken into account when a person is going through a divorce.

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 The detrimental consequences of a marital breakup may affect children, adults, and society. Divorce becomes a very complicated process when it involves children. It may be traumatic for a child at any age to witness the breakup of parents’ marriage. Children become a subject to a higher degree of physical and mental stress.

One of such detrimental effect is that children become anxious and upset. However, it should be mentioned that, in most cases, divorce itself does not harm a child. First of all, we should blame the intensity and duration of the parents’ conflicts that usually cause detrimental impacts on children’s minds. One such detrimental effect is that children feel much more depressed and the memories stay with them their whole life.

 As far as adults are concerned, their children usually are precious to them. Hence, parents want to have an equal opportunity to take care of their children. The situation becomes even more complicated when a child should decide with whom he or she wants to live. Besides, after the death of a major relationship between wife and husband, it may be difficult to overcome personal struggles and cultivate other relationship.

According to many data, many divorced women stay alone for a long time. Talking about men, a considerable part of them never marry again. What is more, divorce affects society negatively by weakening one’s belief in happy family life. In fact, any family is an inevitable social unit.

Families do not only unite people and contribute to the growth of population but also secure the educational, emotional, and material support for its members. With the growing number of divorces, the members of society become mentally and physically weakened, and social harmony is disturbed.;To minimize the effects divorce has on society new social policies should take place that can diminish the detrimental effects of divorce. Before the divorce, it is crucial to have a sincere talk with a partner or even ask for help from special therapists.

 There are chances that such steps may assist in making a final decision to save a family. Lastly, the most important rule is to learn valuable lessons from divorce and do not think that one is the victim of it. In any situation, a person should be grateful for everything and let a partner go. It will also help to decrease the negative effects divorces have on children.

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