on Smoking Essay

Many people are addicted to the nicotine of the cigarettes. These people like to smoke whenever or wherever they feel the urge for a cigarette. However, the smoke from cigarettes disturbs non smokers. Because of that , many nonsmokers would like smoking to be banned from public places. Antismokers provide several reasons for the importance for such a ban. Smoking has been shown to be harmful to health. The main effect is that it causes lung cancer. Research now shows that even people who don’t smoke themselves are in danger of developing cancer when they are regularly exposed to the smoke of people who do. Besides, the danger of cancer, nonsmokers also complain that a smoky environment makes them suffer from a variety of illnesses including sore eyes headaches, and even asthmatic symptoms. Despite the possible dangers and unpleasant side effects of smoking for the general public, we should be careful about banning smoking in all public spaces. If public space means all areas outside of private homes, then I don’t agree with the ban.

Such a measure is a violation of a basic right of enjoyment. But, in places where smoke bothers nonsmokers, it should be banned completely. It shoulh also be banned in enclosed areas such as railway carriages, buses, and resaurants, but not in city streets and other open-air places. In conclusion, there are good reasons to stop people smoking in some public places. If the smoking is in a place where others are exposed to heath risks, then it should be banned, However, if smoking is taking place in a public area where the health risks to others is minimal, then smokers should be allowed to light up. A total prohibition in al public places is too extreme a solution and violates personal freeedom.

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