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Essay on the Demographic Transition Model

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1a. Demographers used data on baptisms and funerals from churches in Great Britain to study changes in birth and death rates of the population. This nation was appropriate because the church data revealed that before the Industrial revolution, G.B experiences high birth rates and high death rates. However after industrialization began, the death rates began to fall as a result of better and more stable access to medicine. Then the data showed a rapid falling death rate and a high birth rate with Britain’s population explosion.

After the two world wars, death rates continued to drop and birth rates began to fall, but staying higher than death rates. Recently, both birth and death rates sustained low levels, resulting in slow or stabilized population growth. This shows G.B going through the four stages if the Demographic Transition model.

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Essay on the Demographic Transition Model
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1ai. The Demographic Transition Model is a multistage model that shows changes in population growth exhibited by countries undergoing industrialization. Demographers calculate the crude birth rates and subtract the crude death rate to find the increase or decrease in population.

The CBR and the CDR are used to determine which stage a region is currently in. There are four stages: high stationary, early expanding, late expanding, and low stationary. For example, United States is a country in the low stationary stage, where death rates are low because U.S has improved medicine. U.S also has low birthrates due to the new economic opportunities for women. Similarly, other countries could be categorized under low growth stage, high growth stage, moderate growth stage, and low growth stage.

1aii Each stage of the DTM has an impact on a culture. During high stationary, there are a high number of birth rates as well as a high number of death rates. These statistics shows there are no women’s rights and scarce medicine for the public. In small villages of India, Indian women have no right in marriage, and their husbands force them to.

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