Principles of Food Science: Questions and Answers

Since the information does not start from the beginning of the refining process, please include an extraction step (extraction is explained in your textbook). Either milling or diffusion is accepTABLE for extraction from sugar cane. Make sure to indicate the direction of flow through each of the unit operations and the by-products produced. 3. In the supermarket, granulated sugar may be sold packaged in a box, in a gTABLE-top carton (like a milk carton), or in a pouch.

Compare 2 Of these types of packaging for this type of product. Describe an advantage and disadvantage associated with each of the 2 packages you chose (make sure to specify which 2 types you chose). This question is referring to bulk granulated sugar only. Do not consider sugar packets, sugar cubes, powdered sugar, liquid sugar, brown sugar or sugar substitutes. There are various components to be considered when looking at bundling of sugars that may be vital to customers, producers or both.

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These incorporate; dampness anticipation, to reduction shots of bunching keeping relocation of chemicals from bundling expense, comfort (pouring putting away and fixing capacity) and probability for naming. The two granulated sugar bundling materials I will come close are peak top containers and pockets. Peak top containers typically comprise of a paperboard, covered with a plastic material, secularly this is polyethylene. They are regularly utilized for bundling drain, juice and other fluid items. This material can give various positives. Its unbending nature abatements possibility of spilling.

Also the covered paper gives a perfect surface to naming. This material is impervious to dampness, It will keep the sugar from getting wet, regardless of the fact that the bundling is Wet, because of its polyethylene layer, this will anticipate bunching of the sugar. It likewise gives an impermeTABLE seal to keep smells from defiling the sugar. A few times peak top containers will likewise be delivered with re- liTABLE tops, which will be helpful for shoppers to forestall spilling and keep the item new, and anticipate disconsolation; despite the fact that granulated sugar has a long time span of usability.

A couple of potential negatives of this bundling incorporate relocation and size. Mass creation may be too huge now and again to fit in a peak top container without its measurements getting to be excessively great. Granulated sugar is additionally regularly bundled in plastic pockets. These may have the capacity to contain bigger measures of sugar than a peak top container because of the straightforwardness and oddest of their generation. Some likewise may be re-sellTABLE to give the same profit of a and spilling assurance as that Of peak top.

Once more, because of the sharp edges of sugar, some plastic may escape and be poured out with sugar creating potential wellbeing concern. It is additionally impervious to dampness and will keep the item dry. The greatest negative of a pocket when contrasted with a peak top container is its absence of unbending nature. Because of its make up of thin plastic, it might be anything but difficult to inadvertently spill sugar, or give the customer less control over he amount of sugar is poured from the bundle. Too since it is regularly made out of various sorts of plastic it may not be recyclTABLE.

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