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Psychology-Parenting Styless

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When I grow up my parenting style will definitely be Democratic. Whenever there is a situation with my child I will have to talk to them and negotiate with her until we both reach an agreement that is good for my child and myself. Let’s say one day I come home from a hard day at work and the house is a BIG mess and I notice my daughter is slacking in school and is starting to wear only black clothes, and stuff like that, I won’t just lecture her until she goes crazy because that really doesn’t work.

I would have her tell me what is bothering her and let me know what I can do to make everything better, because if she was depressed you have to approach a situation like that as calmly as you can. Maybe talking and lecturing her all the time is part of her depression. During the debates in class, two gentlemen kept saying the same thing over and over to any question that was asked.

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Psychology-Parenting Styless
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They would say,” Well I would have a talk with them and tell them blah blah blah” That does not always work.

I am a teenager going through stages where when my mom lectures me on stuff it annoys me so much because I’ve heard it all before. Strategies that work in my household are for example, one day I wanted to go to a party with a couple of friends and before I left I asked my mom if I can come home later than my curfew which is 11.She said no. When I was at the party I called home and asked if I can come home at 12 because the party was too fun to leave and we discussed some stuff and she said it was ok. It’s good to have trust with your parents because that way they don’t have to be authoritarians. She was being a democratic parent and that is what I hope to be whenever I become a parent. One of the questions that were asked to Jose, Yale, and Dan was if they would allow their 16 year- old daughter to go to a sleepover in some far away place with 21-year old guys and no parental supervision.

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