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Essay – Should I Vote

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The 2000 presidential election is soon approaching, but should I really care? When the time comes to cast the ballot, most people either feel obligated or apathetic. As in any case, there are many sides to this argument; some reasons that I should vote include civic duty and sustaining the democracy for which our “founding fathers” fought. On the other hand, politicians can be self-serving, and taking the time to cast just one vote is not worth my time. In talking with others on the subject, it seems as if most people are sitting on the fence as well.

While voting seems like the ethical thing for me to do, would I be making a difference?

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Essay – Should I Vote
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One of the reasons that I should vote is that it is my duty as a citizen to vote. The Constitution gives me the right, and therefore I should respect that privilege. Furthermore, it was the goal of our “founding fathers” to give us the right to participate directly in our government.

Voting is the basic form of political involvement, yet one of the most important. Since becoming independent, the US has become a world power largely based upon a representative government. It can be argued that in order to stay on top, we must continue fulfilling our political obligations; obviously these are reasons I should vote.

Despite the fact that in previous years politicians worked hard to guarantee basic rights and privileges, it is a different situation today. Nowadays, politicians are more apt to badger us for campaign contributions and votes. Instead of giving to us, they take for themselves. Moreover, they engage in mudslinging and more times then not are ambiguous in their stances on important matters. Why should I help them further their career, when I am not being helped? Why should I take the time to register to vote, become informed, and cast a ballot, if it is all for not? Based upon these reasons, I should not vote.

Solving this argument would be beneficial because of its civic importance. No matter what stance I take, people would be affected. Since the U.S. is a “well-oiled” machine (in terms of economic and political status), it is not likely that this matter will cause immediate harm, but if more and more people question the political process, it will.


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